Shannon Beador Reveals She Has Moved Out And Brought The Dog With Her

Shannon Beador claimed that she had gained 40 pounds thanks to her drama with Vicki Gunvalson. She claimed that the allegations that her husband had beaten her were enough to push her over the edge. While Beador never told Real Housewives of Orange County fans about these allegations, she was clearly rattled by everything that was going on around her. Oddly, Beador never talked about her marital troubles on the show even though fans knew she was still struggling with David Beador’s divorce. It wasn’t until this season that Shannon hinted that her marriage faced troubles. She recently announced that they were splitting up.

According to a new Instagram post, Shannon Beador reveals she has moved out of the rental home that she and David shared while they were looking for the perfect family home. For a while, Shannon had revealed that she and David wanted to build a new home, but maybe they put the plans on hold because they wanted to see if they could fix their relationship first. In the rental home, they had a swimming pool, but Shannon reveals that she no longer has a pool. In her post, she reveals that her dog, Archie, doesn’t have a place to cool down.

“Archie doesn’t have a big pool to swim in anymore, but this is his favorite thing to do right after we throw the ball in the park!” Shannon Beador revealed on Instagram, revealing that she had moved out of their rental home and was ready to start new, even though her Instagram profile still reads, “Wife of a wonderful husband, proud mother of 3 beautiful girls.”

There are many reports about what is going to happen with her marriage, her assets, and her daughters, but it sounds like Shannon will be alright. As discussed on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beador was supposedly born into money. While David made good money on the show by working in construction, it sounds like Shannon may be able to rely on her family for support and money. Plus, she is working on opening her own restaurant, so one can hope that it ends up being a success for her. No word on where her children are living, but it is possible that they are splitting their time — and possibly bringing the dog with them.

What do you think about Shannon Beador moving on after announcing her split with her husband? Do you think she and David Beador will be able to move on in an amicable manner?

[Featured Image by Lily Lawrence/Getty Images]