Jenelle Evans ‘Teen Mom 2’: Viewer Has A Hard Time Connecting With Her

Jenelle Evans has threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 if she doesn’t get the respect she’s demanding these days. Evans is upset with producers for making her look bad, as her storyline is always focusing on her bad judgment. She also points out that she doesn’t want MTV to film David Eason when he gets mad because he’s getting the reputation that he’s a violent person. She has revealed he’s not abusive and that fans are getting the wrong impression. Jenelle is tired of defending her life and her marriage to people who are constantly judging what they see on television.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now hearing what fans have to say. Even though she has deleted her account on Twitter, Evans decided to keep her Instagram account open. Here, fans have been sharing their thoughts about her protest and her decision to stand up to MTV. However, the drama continued to play out on Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, and one viewer revealed that it was tough to feel bad for Jenelle when she kept arguing with David before their wedding day. She kept crying and decided to stop filming because she couldn’t get David to pay attention to her. Needless to say, it may have been a bit childish.

Evans recently shared some photos of her children, and fans were quick to say that her kids were cute. But on a photo of Ensley, one follower decided to comment about Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2. The follower revealed that it is tough to feel any kind of sympathy for Evans when she’s acting the way she does. The viewer suggested that Jenelle change her attitude while filming and hinted that this could be what changes people’s minds about her.

“She is adorable! But I must tell you that I just saw this weeks episode and u make it hard for viewers to feel empathy because of how u act. U know ur being filmed so act accordingly,” a fan wrote to Jenelle Evans, revealing that she’s probably not the only person who has a hard time connecting with Evans and feeling bad for her.

What do you think about this advice from the viewer? Do you think it’s Jenelle Evans’ attitude that has people questioning her decisions? Do you think it would be best for her to quit Teen Mom 2 and step away from the spotlight for a bit?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]