‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Shares Halloween Costume ‘This Year’ On Social Media, Fans Are Amused

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media on Tuesday to share her Halloween costume “this year,” amusing fans and followers. The 14-year-old youngest member of the Alaskan Bush People clan has been very active on both Twitter and Instagram as @heroofkirrkwell since her family’s reality TV series ended its most recent season in August and September. Rain Brown typically shares several posts per week on her personal Instagram account and shared with her 35,000 followers on Halloween who she chose to dress up as this year.

While Rain Brown’s followers continue to ask on Instagram for an update on the health of Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown, 54, Rain has only said recently that she “can’t say how she [Ami] is doing just yet.” However, Rain Brown tries to stay positive on social media for her followers and captions her posts with the hashtag #stayhappy, despite news that Rain struggles with depression daily amid mom Ami’s late-stage lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Hollywood Gossip shared four days ago that Rain Brown doesn’t know if her “mom’s going to make it,” but Rain’s social media followers love her “positive spirit” and love how she keeps her “sunshine shining.”

Although Rain Brown says she’s #hurtinginside, her Instagram posts usually give her followers a smile, and Tuesday’s Instagram post was no different. Rain Brown shared her Halloween costume for all of her followers to see via her Instagram account on Tuesday, and fans of Alaskan Bush People were amused. According to Rain, her Halloween “costume this year is Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People.” The caption was followed by a selfie photo of Rain, with Rain adding that “people have told me I look like her” — so, why not! Followers of Rain Brown played along with her post, saying, “You do look just like her.” One of Rain’s Instagram followers commented that her Halloween costume this year is “the best” and “the most real,” for sure.

“You look like her hahaha hope you enjoy Halloween”

“Unreal you do look like her”

“u look like her hehehe”

Overall, Rain’s followers, as well as loyal fans of Alaskan Bush People, did get a giggle from her Halloween costume this year, since she wore no costume at all. Some fans commented that they were “watching the show right now,” since the Discovery Channel aired several previous episodes on Halloween. One commenter asked if Rain Brown “was leaving” Alaskan Bush People, even though she’s been sharing several photos recently from Colorado, which is where the Brown family is supposed to be building a new Browntown for the upcoming Season 8. The Brown family had previously been in California with Ami Brown as she underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatment for Stage 4 lung cancer, but Rain Brown’s last post from California was seven days ago at a Target store in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westwood.

Since then, Rain Brown has been sharing photos from different locations in Colorado, and her fans are asking why she’s in Colorado and not in California with mom Ami. Monsters & Critics reported last Saturday that the Brown family “may have just started filming Season 8″ in Colorado, and Monsters & Critics reported just yesterday that Billy and Ami Brown were spotted out in public “for the first time in three months,” reportedly in Trinidad, Colorado, according to a visitor post with a photo on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page. An Instagram post from one day ago from Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest daughter, Rain Brown, was tagged with a Trinidad, Colorado, location. Some of Rain’s followers guessed that she was “just visiting” Colorado, while others commented that “maybe they are filming” for Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People.

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]