Manhattan Shooting: Woman Shot By Gunman Who Turned Gun On Himself

A Manhattan shooting occurred when a gunman shot a woman then turned the weapon on himself early Wednesday morning. The incident happened when a woman was parking her CitiBike in Manhattan’s East Village.

The Daily Mail reports that police responded to the scene at Astor Place in East Village. Witnesses in the area said they heard three or four gunshots. After Tuesday’s Manhattan terror attack, in which eight people were killed and several injured on a busy bike path, this conjured up thoughts that this was possibly another attack.

The incident occurred at 7:50 a.m., and one witness recalls hearing three shots clearly, maybe a fourth. Cops responded immediately after hearing the “pops.”

The Manhattan shooting victim was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The gunman, who turned the gun on himself, was also taken to the hospital and is believed to be in serious condition.

Authorities were able to recover the firearm after arriving at the scene of the Manhattan shooting. The exact location where the shooting took place is revealed to be directly in front of the Cooper Union Library in East Village.

NBC New York is reporting that the shooting victim was 56-years-old and died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The outlet also reports that the attacker is 62-years-old and has a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head; he’s not expected to survive. Authorities are calling the crime an “isolated incident.” Updated reports are shaping the incident up to be a domestic situation or a murder-suicide. Their identities haven’t been released or the nature of their relationship.

Metro reports that there’s “nothing to suggest” that this attack in Manhattan is terror-related. Details aren’t firm at this point.

On Tuesday, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, was named as the suspect responsible for driving a rented Home Depot truck and running over several people on a bike path near One World Trade Center in Manhattan. He was shot in the stomach by police after he exited the vehicle and brandished two fake guns — a paintball and pellet gun.

Saipov is from Uzbekistan and has lived in the United States since 2010, sources tell CNN. Law enforcement discovered a note claiming the Manhattan attack was committed on behalf of ISIS. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed it was an “act of terror” that was aimed at innocent people who were merely going about their daily lives.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]