Pakistani Bride Intends To End The Life Of Her Husband, Instead Kills 17 People

Pakistani authorities arrested a newly Pakistani bride, who intended to poison her husband by putting a toxic substance in his milk. However, he did not drink the milk and instead, it rashly killed 17 people in an isolated village.

Sohail Habib Tajak, the district police chief, investigated the incident and questioned a 21-year-old woman, who was married in a city in the eastern Punjab province. Tajak said that this incident took place last week and their officers have made progress by arresting a woman and her lover in connection with this murder case. He described the incident as complicated and challenging for them.

The woman was induced to marry a man, who is a relative, in September. She was not happy with him and has a continuous relationship with her boyfriend after she got married. Tajak said that the woman obtained the toxic substance from her boyfriend and she put it in the milk of her husband, who refused to drink the said milk.

Meanwhile, the woman’s mother-in-law used the poisoned milk to make a traditional yogurt-based drink and served it to 27 people, who are the extended family. Upon eating the yogurt, they fell unconscious and were hospitalized. About 17 of them died and the rest are now being treated in the hospital, according to USA Today.


The woman was saddened about the deaths of 17 people and said that she just aimed to poison her husband. She also said that she was angered by the decision to marry a man against her will.

“I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage but my parents rejected all of my pleas and they married me to a relative.”

She expressed her anger to her parents and told them she would go to any extent to get out of her marriage.

Her boyfriend confessed that he supplied the toxic substance. The authorities now are trying to determine the people who were aware of the deadly plot in killing the husband. The woman appeared before a judge in the city of Muzaffargarh on Tuesday, according to NBC News.

The marriages in Pakistan are mostly traditional arranged marriages, semi-arranged marriages or love marriages. The arranged marriage happens when a member of the family or a close friend matches two compatible people together in matrimony. Usually, the bride and the groom have never met before. This is traditional in Pakistan, yet is losing popularity nowadays.

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