Critics Slam Michelle Duggar, Ask What She Does All Day

Michelle Duggar is the matriarch of the Duggar family, having birthed 19 children and having been pregnant at least a few more times. However, despite the fact that she’s pretty busy with her house full of children, she still gets backlash about “doing nothing all day.”

For a long time, fans have commented that Jana Duggar does all of the work, the perennially single 28-year-old daughter. She has always taken an interest in the younger children and acted as a mother to the brood, which some say she has taken the role over for Michelle.

In fact, on Mother’s Day, critics of the Duggar family wished Jana a happy day, surpassing Michelle.

Before the other daughters moved out, Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, and Jana were colloquially known as the “J’Slaves” under the umbrella of Duggar critics, who stated that the young women did everything for their mother.

But Michelle Duggar must do something all day, especially since she still has eight children under 18, and more who live at home. It is Duggar tradition that the children live at home until their wedding night, and with six kids married, she still has 13 living under her roof. That can’t be easy, no matter who the tasks fall on the most.

In Touch Weekly has stated that the Duggar family’s social media is mostly likely managed by Michelle herself, and call her the “Kris Jenner” of the Duggar family. They have insinuated that she acts as a “momager,” though none of the family members really have careers in entertainment apart from the fame associated with their own family.

Michelle Duggar has also been described as an “empty nester in a house full of children,” meaning the mom-of-19 doesn’t have much of a job now beyond ensuring that her youngest children are cared for.

Until recently, Michelle Duggar was pregnant almost every year, and it was her job to take care of the newborns. After that, the children were passed off to their buddies for care and rearing, while she prepared to deliver another baby and start the process all over again. But Michelle may find herself in a true crisis once 7-year-old Josie finally moves out and she and Jim Bob are left on their own.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Instagram]