Leah Messer Instagram: Fans Want Explanation Of Scary Photo Of Daughters

Leah Messer is gearing up for a big night, as her girls are going trick-or-treating in her local neighborhood. Over the weekend, the Teen Mom 2 star may have gotten their costumes ready, as they may be wearing them to school all day. Messer decided to share a teaser of their costumes on social media, and she shared a picture of Ali and Aleeah getting ready for school this morning. The two girls looked tired, and many of her followers felt that they were just exhausted. But as it turns out, Leah had managed to get them to wear contact lenses.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that her daughters are ready for Halloween, and she’s excited to get them ready. Many of her followers thought it was so cool that she had managed to get them both in contact lenses for the big day, but that also left a big question: how did she manage to get them to sit still? Several of her followers pointed out that they couldn’t even put contact lenses on themselves, so doing it for two young girls seemed downright crazy. However, they look great in their Halloween makeup.


Leah Messer never answered the big question that fans wanted to know: how did she get her girls to agree to the contact lenses? One can imagine these girls will be the scariest at their school, as they will have contact lenses on. Not every child would agree to wear these lenses, as they can be uncomfortable to put on and remove again. However, the Simms girls are excited about their costume, even though Leah hasn’t revealed what they are going to be. Maybe she’s waiting to share photos until later, as she may take them out trick-or-treating in her hometown. It’s possible that Adalynn is also with them, even though she may be too young to wear contact lenses with her costume. Leah hasn’t revealed whether she’s dressing up as well.

What do you think about Leah Messer’s picture of her girls? Are you surprised that they are wearing contact lenses for their Halloween costumes?

[Featured Image by MTV]