Maci Bookout Calls Out Friend For Poor Babysitting Skills: 'Teen Mom OG' Star Not Happy?

Maci Bookout revealed last week that her son Bentley was turning nine years old. Many fans who have followed her for the past nine years were shocked that this Teen Mom OG star had shared her life with fans for nine years. Fans of Teen Mom OG may not feel that it has been that long, but Bookout started filming the show when Bentley was in her tummy back on 16 & Pregnant. Now, he's celebrating his big birthday with an event that may have required some assistance.

According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout is now calling out her friend Raj for his poor babysitting skills. Raj is a close friend of Bookout and he has been featured on the show before. As it turns out, he may have helped Maci out for Bentley's ninth birthday party. Last week, he celebrated his big day, but it sounds like he may have had a sleepover with his friends to celebrate.

"Best abstinence is going to help with a 9-year-olds slumber party! #NeverHavingKids," Raj revealed on Twitter, to which Maci replied, "u made a madden bracket, sat outside the whole time and had to be reminded not to say curse words in front of the kids. love u tho."

Even though Maci Bookout was clearly calling out her friend for not being as attentive as she had hoped, she did reveal that she could laugh about it. Maci pointed out that Raj had created a Madden bracket, that he had been outside -- possibly for a lengthier break -- the entire time, and that he had to be reminded to not swear in front of the children. Even though Raj may not be rushing to have children after the weekend, it sounds like they had a great time. Perhaps he was invited over to Bookout's house to hang out with Maci and Taylor, while Bentley and his friends had a big sleepover to celebrate his birthday. She ends her tweet with "love you though," which indicates that she's far from mad about the weekend's events. Perhaps he will be ready for when Jayde turns nine, as she may have the same kind of sleepover. Or maybe he needs to rest up, as Bentley turns 10 years old next year and could have a big party.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's post on Twitter about her friend not really helping with the babysitting? Do you think her friend Raj is going to have children one day when he's ready?

[Featured Image by MTV]