Where Is 'Pawn Stars' Fav Chumlee? Why Is He A Victim Of A Celebrity Death Hoax?

Chumlee has once again been the victim of a celebrity death hoax. One minute he has died from a marijuana overdose, the next because of a heart attack. What is really going on?

Thankfully, none of these things are true. In fact, Chumlee is still alive and well. Chum just turned 35 in September and is currently filming a new season of Pawn Stars. That is in addition to working at his new candy shop, Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard, that he runs along with his brother, Sage. But what else is the affable reality star up to?

A recent photo on the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop website features a picture of Rick Harrison along with Chumlee, both in gold and black Las Vegas Golden Knights jerseys. Apparently, they received the jerseys when they attended a recent game at the T-Mobile Arena.

Chumlee is holding a hockey stick and both men are standing in front of the ornate shop logo, which beautifully matches their Golden Knights jerseys.

Rick is wearing a number "1," and Chumlee "0." This hardly means that Chum is dead--it is more likely that Rick got the higher number because he is the boss of the Pawn Stars bunch, and the hockey team probably wanted to have a little fun with the prankster Chumlee.

Like all Las Vegas hockey fans, they are more than a little excited about the amazing 8-1 start in their inaugural year, and clearly, all Las Vegas residents are excited about the success of their new team.

Although Chumlee has been busy with his Pawn Stars gig, his real passion has been gaming! He, along with some of his friends, created Sack or Scoop, and Chumlee and his pals have been busy vlogging. Although his gaming had to slow down a week, because he just had a cold, Chumlee is still going strong.

So why is Chumlee the object of yet another death hoax? They began long before Chumlee got into trouble in 2016. In Touch Weekly says it may be because Austin Lee Russell, Chumlee's real name, has moved on from the dark time in his life when he was arrested for possession of drugs and weapons, surely fans and fake news outlets have as well? Or maybe because he has stayed out of the news the rumors keep repeating?

Chumlee is still alive and well, filming 'Pawn Stars' and working at his new candy shop Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]
Chumlee is still alive and well, filming 'Pawn Stars' and working at his new candy shop Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Yet, what may be the most surprising touching tribute to Chumlee is his biography on the updated World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop website. This gets to the heart of why fans care so much that should anything happen to him, they would want to know right away.

"Chum – the comic, the philosopher, the artist, the brother, the man. Chumlee is the best definition of an accidental celebrity to ever come across the media. Afterall, what is it he is famous for? He loves his sneakers, his caps, his designer duds, his family and his friends and maybe a little music, too. He is a great shot in basketball, an amazing big brother, a generous beyond what is good for him, friend, and a champ in so many ways. Funny without meaning to be and sometimes while meaning to be, he is a breakout star and fan favorite. Chum will never lie to anyone, he is truthful to a fault but he thinks long and hard about any answer, opinion, or bit of wisdom he is about to lay on you."
Perhaps what is also a cool living tribute to Chumlee is that he is a character in the Little Witch Academia Anime. He loves it too!What do you think of the repeated celebrity death hoax claims that Chumlee died? Are you getting tired of this fake news?


[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]