'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam Still Married To Burton's Stone Cold – Reveal Crushes Miller's Drew Q

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has a big shock coming after her rescue from Port Charles harbor. On Friday's GH, one of the bad guys shoved Sam off the ledge and into the water and on Monday, spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Stone Cold (Steve Burton) dives after her and saves her from the chilly water. It's inevitable that old Jason and new Jason (Billy Miller) come face to face soon and that means an important fact about Sam's relationship status emerges. Patient 6 will be revealed to all of Port Charles and with that comes some harsh truths.

Sam is still married to Stone Cold

GH spoilers say Sam will soon be torn because she'll discover that the man once known as Jake Doe isn't Jason Morgan but his twin brother, Drew Quartermaine. She loves Drew and just had a daughter (Scout) with him, but she's not married to him. Technically, as of now, Sam is a bigamist. Check your General Hospital history to confirm the timeline. When Jason (Steve Burton) "died," he and Sam were still married. His body was never found, so the marriage was still valid.

But then when Jake Doe accepted Carly Corinthos' (Laura Wright) word, and the evidence, that he was Jason Morgan, Sam assumed they were still married. However, the duo decided to divorce so they could start their new relationship at ground zero. In March 2016, Sam and the man she thought was Jason got a divorce and then started over. But the guy that signed the divorce papers wasn't Jason, so the divorce is invalid. That means Sam and the real Jason Morgan are still married.

Sam's a bigamist

General Hospital spoilers reveal that not only is Sam still married to Stone Cold, but she's a bigamist because she married Drew Quartermaine in September 2016 when she was still legally married to Jason Morgan. The marriage to Billy Miller's guy wasn't legal and was, in fact, a crime. Of course, given all the criminals running around Port Charles and the incompetence of the PCPD, Sam won't be arrested, but this will be a shock to the system for Sam, Jason, and Drew Q. So, who gets Sam?

GH spoilers are silent on who Sam will ultimately wind up with but, in the short term, it seems like Drew has the best shot. Drew and Sam are deeply committed, and love one another, plus they recently had baby Scout together. Plus, Jason made it clear to Sonny that he would never abandon him and he's ready to step back into mob life. Sam doesn't want that life anymore. As of now, it looks like Sam will keep Drew and Sonny gets the old Jason.

What happens to heartbroken Stone Cold?

General Hospital spoilers remind us that for Jason Morgan, it seems like yesterday that he went down to the docks to meet Benny Abrahms (Richard Fancy) and was shot. It's like the five-year gap never happened in his mind. Drew Q will be crushed to find out he's been living a lie, isn't really married to Sam, and doesn't know his origins. But that can all be cleared up with some digging – and there seems little doubt that Sam is committed to her new guy, whether they're legally married or not.But what happens with Stone Cold Jason? Sam wants a peaceful life outside of the mob, and that doesn't jive with who he's always been. Plus, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is happily tucked into life with Franco (Roger Howarth). Jason will hate that, but his other baby mama is happily paired up, too. Perhaps Tamara Braun's new character will be a romantic interest for Stone Cold since General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub reveal that Tamara's return is tied to Burton's new storyline.

What do you think? Will Sam stick with the new life she's created with Drew Q? Will Sam quickly divorce Stone Cold and re-marry Drew so that it's legal? Can the Quartermaine twins learn to co-exist when they both love the same woman, but only one can have her? Check back soon for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.

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