Russell Crowe's Weight Is Causing Alarm Among His Friends? Not True [Debunked]

Russell Crowe has packed on an alarming amount of weight for his new role in his upcoming film Boy Erased. While the 53-year-old actor is known to radically change his weight for a role, his friends seemed to think that he may have gone too far this time.

Russell Crowe has demonstrated how far he would go for a role, putting on or shedding off weight if necessary. Recently, he has piled on a lot of weight for his new role in Boy Erased. The Gladiator actor looks virtually unrecognizable right now as The Sun puts it. A few weeks ago, he was spotted revealing a plumpish figure while doing errands in L.A.

Russell Crowe is set to play a Baptist pastor in the film adaptation of the book Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family written by Garrard Conley. He will be acting alongside Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges. The movie follows the story of Jared (Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small town. At the age of 19, he is exiled by his parents (Crowe and Kidman) unless he does a gay conversion therapy program.

While he has done some astonishing body transformations for his roles in the past, his friends are reportedly worried about the latest one. One tabloid magazine's headline is "Russell Piling On Pounds," which claims that the actor may be risking his health this time. He is now close to 300 pounds after losing weight last year for his role in The Nice Guys. Crowe managed to lose 53 pounds within seven months, bringing his weight down to 216 pounds from 268 pounds in March of last year. For his new role, however, he has gained back and added more, making his friends worry that he won't be able to shed off that weight easily.

According to the tabloid's insider, this will be the last role Russell Crowe will pack on weight for. After which, he'll go on a sensible diet plan to shed off those pounds. Most of this friends, however, fear that he won't easily lose the weight. The tipster pointed out that his metabolism may not be what it used to be, risking himself for serious health problems.

However, Gossip Cop explains that these claims are simply not true. According to its very own insider, Russell Crowe knows the importance of his health. The contact, who did not wish to be identified, pointed out that anyone close to the actor wouldn't bring up such a personal matter to a tabloid outlet. More so, any star that decides to gain or lose weight for a role is professionally guided by a nutritionist and fitness trainer to make sure they do it in a safe and healthy way.

Before playing Maximus in Gladiator in 2000, Russell Crowe gained around the same weight – around 50 pounds – to play Jeffrey Wigand in The Insider. A year after, he easily lost the pounds and reached the peak of his physical fitness to play the role in Gladiator. This clearly shows that Crowe is not drastically doing this without strict professional guidance.

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