Duggar Family News: Jim Bob Reportedly Wants A Double Duggar Wedding For Jana And John David

A recently conducted Reddit AMA provided some interesting new revelations about the popular yet still enigmatic Duggar family. The Duggars, after all, have been starring in reality shows for a very long time. Despite living in the public eye, however, the Duggars have remained quite secretive, with most of the intimate happenings in their lives still a mystery to their massive following.

Some light has been shed on some of these details recently, with someone allegedly close to the Duggars holding a brief AMA session on Reddit. The source, who has opted to remain anonymous, belongs to a family much like the Duggars, with numerous children and roughly the same fundamentalist beliefs.

Needless to say, the AMA session revealed some very interesting things about America's most iconic conservative Christian reality TV family, the most interesting of which, so far, involves the twins, Jana and John David Duggar.

According to the source who held the AMA, Jana seems to still believe in true love. Thus, she is still holding out on marriage until she finds the right man for her. She does, however, have very high standards.

The AMA also revealed that while Jana is portrayed on TV as very quiet and understated, she is actually a lot more relaxed, and she has a good sense of humor too. As for John David, the source revealed that if he does express some desire to leave home, he would likely be allowed.


Interestingly, the redditor who held the AMA stated that Jim Bob Duggar makes a lot of jokes about Jana and John David getting married at the same time, which would, of course, result in a Double Duggar wedding. Such a premise, at least according to the AMA, is something that JB has been bringing up for some time now.

"Regarding the single twins though, Jim Bob constantly makes awkward jokes about a double twin wedding, like they are both holding out to do it together."
If Jim Bob is indeed planning a Double Duggar wedding for Jana and John David, the family might have yet another reality TV blockbuster event on its hands. Such a celebration has never happened before, after all. Plus, it would be quite a relief for many members of the Duggar family community to see the twins, both of whom are pushing 30, finally get married.

The redditor's comments about both Jana and John David holding out to do their weddings together is quite interesting. For one, it suggests that one of the twins probably is already eyeing someone, since he or she is just waiting on the other. Considering the idea of a double wedding, though, fans of the Duggar family can only hope that both twins can find love soon.


After all, who doesn't want to see Jana and John David Duggar walk down the aisle?

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]