'My 600-lb Life' Update: Justin Assanti Announces Participation In Gaming Fundraiser, Steven Tailspins More

My 600-lb Life star Justin Assanti does not attract much attention to himself. Compared to his older, more boisterous brother Steven, Justin is a lot more private and a lot more introverted. Recently, however, Justin shared a little project that he is cooking up on his personal Facebook page, and it is pretty admirable.

Justin Assanti's personal Facebook page is usually dominated by updates about his store, Hobby Haven, a small business he started while filming for his feature in My 600-lb Life. During that time, Steven, Justin's older brother, moved to Texas to be treated under Dr. Now. Justin, on the other hand, opted to start a small hobby business in Rhode Island. Since then, the younger Assanti brother has been keeping busy growing and maintaining his business.

A few days ago, Justin announced that he would be participating in a 24-hour gaming marathon fundraiser for children at Hasbro Children's Hospital. The event, held by the Extra Life Charity, a member of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals group, aims to unite gamers around the world to collaborate and raise money for kids in need.

Since its conception back in 2008, Extra Life has managed to help children get the necessary treatment they need from the organization's affiliated hospitals. According to the charity's official webpage, it did not take long before gamers from around the world managed to raise $1 million. By 2016, the Extra Life community has grown to over 100,000 gamers, and it has raised more than $30 million overall.


Overall, Justin's latest endeavor is quite admirable, considering that he is already quite busy with his hobby business and a possible appearance in a future episode of My 600-lb Life. If any, Justin's participation in the charity fundraiser is proof that he is already starting to give back.

While Justin seems to be doing well, Steven seems to be tail-spinning. His personal Facebook page, for one, has recently been dominated by his old, trigger-inducing dancing videos from way back in his FatBoyGetDown days on YouTube. Steven has shared videos of himself dancing around and smothering himself with chocolate syrup.

Steven's behavior has been quite erratic lately; so much that his Facebook followers seem to be getting tired of his online activities. Responding to his recent uploads, some of his followers encouraged the My 600-lb Life star to get professional help before it's too late.


"Oh honey, please treat yourself better. You don't need to do stuff like that to get attention," one commenter wrote.

"You have deeper issues other than just being morbidly obese. It's truly frightening to know you're not in a mental institution because you're a danger to yourself. Get help!" wrote another.

[Featured Image by Justin Assanti/Facebook]