'The Walking Dead' Season 8, Episode 2, Might Reunite Rick With Lost Character From First Season [Spoilers]

The premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8 certainly had fans excited about the current season. After all, the series immediately launched into the highly anticipated war against Negan and the Saviors. Although there is little doubt that the battle will continue for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors, there will also be time for a much-needed reunion. Will Rick end up reuniting with an old friend from the first season in "The Damned"?

The Walking Dead has certainly lost several characters in the past years, but some were also left with ambiguous fates. Most recently, Dwight's wife, Sherry, simply disappeared after helping Daryl Dixon escape Sanctuary in the seventh season. But is it possible that fans will finally discover what happened to someone from Rick's past in The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 2?

The synopsis for "The Damned" confirms that viewers will discover what the people from Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom are planning to do to defeat the Saviors. Interestingly, the description also notes that Rick "encounters a familiar face" while they are fighting. In addition to that, executive producer Greg Nicotero has teased that "there may be a character that we may have thought was dead" will return to the show. Could it be someone from the original band of survivors in The Walking Dead Season 1?

Fans have been hoping to find out if Morales and his family made it to Birmingham safely. Although others are not very optimistic about the character's chances of survival, some speculate that Morales may have taken a different route and ended up joining another community in Virginia. There is a possibility the man will finally be reunited with Rick in The Walking Dead Season 8. However, there is another character who seems more likely to return in "The Damned."

Heath's fate could finally be revealed in 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Episode 2. [Image by AMC]
Heath's fate could finally be revealed in 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Episode 2. [Image by AMC]

Heath only appeared in one episode in the seventh season, but he also gave viewers another mystery to ponder. There is a good chance that he managed to survive the sand-covered walkers after Tara fell off the bridge. But how exactly did Heath live this long away from his group? The Walking Dead Season 8 might reveal that the character has joined a new community that could help Rick in the fight against Negan.

The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 2, will air on AMC on October 29.

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