‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Spoilers: Fight Against Shadow Monster Could Jump Into The 1990s For Next Season

Stranger Things may have just released its second season, but binge watchers who finished the second installation of supernatural drama are already looking for Season 3 spoilers and early reports indicate they could see the story shift to the 1990s in the battle against the Shadow Monster.

[WARNING: There are some Stranger Things 2 spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t finished the entire season, you may want to tread lightly.]

The second season of Stranger Things answered many of the lingering questions — including Eleven’s real name and her relationship to the mysterious Sarah, Hopper’s deceased daughter — but also left plenty of other mystery for the next season. As Inverse noted, the show’s creators already said that there will a third and fourth season of the show, where it will likely come to an end. That means not all the question will be answered in the most recently released season, or even the next one, but there are some solid indications of where it could be headed.

There were some big revelations in Stranger Things Season 2, including the existence of Kali, who, like Eleven, was also abducted and experimented on. As the Independent speculated in a potential Stranger Things Season 3 spoiler, there could be many more with powers yet to be discovered.

“Ultimately, we should be looking at an introduction to some of the other experiments and their powers as well, as it’s unlikely the pair are the only two left alive. This is admittedly complete conjecture, but it would seem logical to Stranger Things‘ narrative future that, to some degree, the other experiments are sought out and collected together in order to be rid of the Upside Down for good.”

Inverse also speculated that these powers could play into a bigger showdown with the Shadow Monster, and added a new twist — that the show might be moving into a new decade. In the first two seasons, the 1980s were an important part of the story and the nostalgia for the era was a major drawing point with its fans, but the Duffer Brothers have already said that they plan on making the show an anthology series set in different eras, Inverse noted.

“Could it be time to move past ’80s nostalgia, and see what these characters or situations look like in the ’90s? This would also be an interesting homage to Aliens, which of course, takes place way after Alien,” the report noted. “Paul Reiser being in this season of Stranger Things giving anyone else Aliens vibes? To be clear, the Duffer Brothers have seemed to imply there won’t be time-jumps, but that’s still in flux.”

It may take a while for fans of Stranger Things to find out if the Season 3 spoilers come true. While Netflix has not yet pegged a release date for the next season, it is likely to be sometime in mid or late 2018.

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