Here's When The Shield Will Return To WWE Television

After three years of waiting, the WWE Universe was ecstatic to see Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins reform The Shield. No one knew how long their latest run would last, but most people expected it to last longer than a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns caught a viral illness that is believed to be the mumps. He missed WWE TLC, and the expectation is he's going to miss WWE Survivor Series as well.

The Shield reunion was thwarted by some bad luck, but WWE officials still had to worry about Rollins and Ambrose, who are also the Raw Tag Team Champions. At WWE Survivor Series, they are set to battle with the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, The Usos. Despite that exciting matchup, the WWE Universe can't help but wonder when Roman Reigns is returning so The Shield reunion can get back on track soon.

It's been reported that WWE officials are at a loss about how to handle the situation. There isn't going to be another Raw exclusive PPV before the WWE Royal Rumble, but the feeling is it'll be impossible to wait for that event to bring back The Shield. Instead, WWE officials are planning to book "The Hounds of Justice" on some house shows or possibly give them a lengthy rivalry on Raw with The Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus.

The Shield Could Return to WWE Sometime This Year
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There is some speculation that WWE officials could cancel The Shield's reunion all together, but that would most likely lead to some major backlash against the company. Roman Reigns would probably be the target of most of the aggravation from the WWE Universe, which would defy the ulterior motive of bringing back The Shield in the first place. WWE officials need to reunite The Shield in a huge way once Reigns is healthy.

With any luck, Roman Reigns will be medically cleared for Survivor Series and become the fifth member of Team Raw in the five-on-five elimination match. Roman could be a surprise fifth member through some kind of angle, lead Raw to victory, and reunite with The Shield. That would work even better if Rollins and Ambrose were both in the bout as well. It's a challenge, but there are many different ways to make it work.

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