WWE Rumors: Here's When To Expect 'Raw' To Invade 'SmackDown Live'

The WWE Draft and brand extension were designed to force competition between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Vince McMahon made that clear himself after Shane and Stephanie were selected as the commissioners of Raw and SmackDown Live. Since then, the two biggest brands of WWE have competed, but it was mostly for bragging rights until this week's edition of Raw when SmackDown made a statement.

The WWE Universe was shocked to see the SmackDown roster invade Raw and leave most of Raw's roster laid out. It was the first battle heading into WWE Survivor Series between the two brands, but a lot of fans thought Kurt Angle and the Raw roster would retaliate the next night on SmackDown Live, but they didn't.

Instead, Randy Orton became the first member to join Team SmackDown while Raw remains in chaos. It's been reported that travel issues were the reason why Raw's retribution did not happen this week. However, a new report is claiming that Monday Night Raw is unlikely to invade SmackDown Live until the 'Survivor Series' go-home show on November 14th in Charlotte, North Carolina only a couple of days before the PPV.

SmackDown Live Struck First On Raw This Week
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WWE officials are most likely hopeful that Raw's invasion will generate a similar buzz to what SmackDown Live's attack did this week. Over the coming weeks, both brands will build their teams for the traditional five-on-five 'Survivor Series' elimination matches. The plan was clearly for SmackDown Live to strike first during the feud, but Monday Night Raw should have the momentum heading into one of WWE's biggest events.

Last year, Raw's Women and Tag Team division beat SmackDown Live while SmackDown beat Team Raw in the final elimination match at WWE Survivor Series. Shane McMahon participated in that match. Shane could compete this year, but it's possible Kurt Angle may also wrestle for Team Raw since he just made his in-ring return at WWE TLC. Unfortunately, all the WWE Universe can do right now is speculate and hope.

SmackDown Live will have bragging rights until next week. Monday Night Raw may not retaliate for a few weeks, but it could be more surprising the longer Shane McMahon and the SmackDown roster has to wait for Raw to make their move. Going forward, the WWE Universe will be on the edge of their seats curious if either side will invade the rival brand, which could make for some great television over the coming weeks.

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