Real Reason Why 'Raw' Didn't Invade 'SmackDown Live' Last Night

Heading into WWE Survivor Series, the WWE Universe believed the PPV would be a competition between Raw and SmackDown Live. A lot of matches have already been announced. The card for the PPV should be one of the most entertaining of the year, but Shane McMahon escalated the competition into a war after the SmackDown Live roster invaded Monday Night Raw this week and really surprised the WWE Universe.

Twenty-four hours later, Shane McMahon simply said that when you're going to get into a fight, it's always better to strike first. Clearly, the commissioner of SmackDown Live and its roster are serious about making a stand against Raw and proving that they are the top brand in WWE. A lot of people are arguing that what happened made SmackDown's roster the heels in the match. That'll be debated over the coming weeks, but the WWE Universe were expecting Kurt Angle and Raw to respond with an invasion of their own last night.

However, the WWE Hall of Famer and the Raw roster didn't invade SmackDown Live last night and some people are concerned it's making the brand look weak. Raw has always been WWE's flagship show, but the WWE Universe is wondering why the brand did not respond at all to SmackDown Live's attack. It's coming to light that WWE officials wanted Raw to invade SmackDown last night, but travel plans were a big issue.

Shane McMAhon and SmackDown Live Struck First
[Image by WWE]

In addition to invading Raw, Randy Orton beat Sami Zayn last night and became the first official member of Team SmackDown Live. The WWE Universe has roughly a week to mull over what Shane McMahon and SmackDown Live accomplished this week. WWE Survivor Series isn't for another month or so, but the line has been drawn in the sand. Kurt Angle and Raw find themselves in an all-out war with a week to retaliate.

One of the biggest issues going forward will be keeping the momentum going into the event because WWE officials started this program with such a bang that it's going to be a challenge to keep it going for the next couple of weeks. However, the first step will be to determine how Monday Night Raw should respond and continue this civil war for supremacy that has developed out of nowhere between Raw and SmackDown.

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