Mel B Says She Was Drugged Throughout Marriage As Stephen Belafonte Reveals Drug And Sex Tapes Of Ex-Wife

Mel B has at least 20 sex tapes and these will be presented in court as evidence against her. Her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte has revealed the explicit videos as their divorce trial continues.

On Oct. 25, Jacalyn Davis, Mel B’s lawyer, relayed during court proceedings that Stephen Belafonte has been showing videos of her client while she was allegedly in cocaine sessions and engaged in sexual activities. She said that these videos are going to be used by Stephen’s camp at the upcoming hearing and he refused to give it to them.

According to Daily Mail, Stephen Belafonte’s lawyers are set to present a total of 56 videos. These will be used as evidence against Mel B since it all feature the America’s Got Talent judge sniffing cocaine and in shocking sexual acts.

On the other hand, as a counter response to the sex tapes, Mel B declared she was drugged during the course of her marriage. Plus, she insisted that some of the videos were filmed without her consent. The worst part, the singer said that she did not even agree to the sex in some of the tapes.

In response to Mel B’s camp’s claims, Belafonte’s lawyer, Philip Cohen, asserted that all the footages that they will hand over to the court as evidence were consensual and none of the videos were edited.

At any rate, these videos are to be presented as evidence in the divorce and restraining order court hearing that was scheduled to take place on Nov. 6. The presiding judge already ordered that videos of sexual nature would be viewed in close doors.

At the trial, the affair with the couple’s ex-nanny, Lorraine Gilles, is also expected to be brought up. The nanny stated that she and Mel had a seven-year sexual relationship when she was still working in the couple’s household. Gilles also shockingly divulged that it was actually a three-way relationship with Stephen Belafonte.

When the story about Gilles surfaced, Mel B or Melanie Brown in real life, shot back and said that Stephen and Lorraine are probably conspiring together against her.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are currently battling it out in court after they ended their 10-year marriage. The couple’s fight is getting more unpleasant as horrible secrets about their married life are exposed to the public.

Meanwhile, Mel B and Stephen Belafonte married in 2007. When the couple split, the latter cited Brown’s cocaine and alcohol addiction as one of the major reasons for their separation. He also said that his ex-wife lived an extravagant lifestyle and this eventually left her bankrupt. She allegedly wiped out her $50M fortune from Spice Girls promotions.

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