Leah Remini Claims Church Of Scientology Has Scammed Members Of Billions

Glenn Minnis

Leah Remini alleges that the Church of Scientology has scammed members out of billions of dollars over the years.

Pop Culture reports in the latest episode of her A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the Kevin Can Wait star charges church leaders use all levels of tricks and pressure to get members to often shell out more than they can afford.

According to co-host Mike Rinder, unlike how members from other religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism are expected to give donations, Church of Scientology members are assigned fixed prices to different spiritual goals.

Cash-strapped members who might later seek some sort of relieve in the form of a refund are instantly branded suppressive, not to mention the fact the ironclad legal contract they are required to sign almost makes certain all such efforts are doomed to fail.

"Why doesn't somebody see this and say this is bu******?" Remini said.

Special guest Mat Pesch was a Scientology member for 28 years, including working in the finance department as a registrar for seven years.

In that capacity, Pesch said he and his co-workers were responsible for soliciting donations from all members of the church and not taking no for an answer as they went about the business of bringing in $2 million a week in donations.

That prompted Remini to recall a time or two when she said registrars came to her home intent on shaking her down.

"This is nothing!" she remembered registrars screaming at her in an effort to get her to cough up more.

Remini reflected the strong-arm tactics never worked on her, but she appealing to her desire to help other people did.

"More heartfelt stuff did work on me," she said. "I guess I knew the system was set up, but I guess I never knew how much."

In the wake of Aftermath being such an attention-grabber, Remini claims Scientology leaders haven't ceased with the hardball tactics.

She recently charged church members are now asking advertisers to boycott her Emmy-winning series.

The Wall Street Journal has reported Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination (STAND) members have begun the campaign of emailing advertisers to ask them to pull their support from the A&E network show.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is now in its second season, and Scientology members insist since credits for the show start rolling it has done little more than incite threats and acts of violence against members of the church.

"Leah Remini's hate campaign of religious bigotry in its first season alone generated more than 400 incidents of harassment, threats of violence and vandalism against our churches and members," reads one letter dated from August and addressed to Geico's assistant vice president of marketing Bill Brower. "The threat level has again risen, precisely coincident with A&E's promotion and airing of the second season of this show, now spawning even more threats—bombings, murder and acts of physical violence."

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