‘Counting On’ Stars Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth’s Relationship Isn’t Exactly New

It can be difficult keeping tabs on all the Duggar family engagements, marriages and birth announcements over the years. Joy-Anna Duggar is the latest member of the Counting On family to exchange vows and get pregnant, and although her romance with Austin Forsyth seemingly moved fast, their relationship isn’t anything new.

According to Romper, Duggar and Forsyth were acquaintances for 15 years before tying the knot. The two first met when Forsyth and his family moved to Arkansas and started attending the same church as the Duggar family. Forsyth’s family even appeared on a reality series on CMT called World’s Strictest Parents, making him a perfect match for Duggar. In fact, Forsyth waited for 15 years before asking permission to court Duggar from her father, Jim Bob, and she even admitted that she had feelings for him long before they started dating.

Although Duggar and Forsyth appear to have followed all of her family’s strict dating rules, Romper reports that she may have gotten pregnant before the wedding. The couple recently shared a photo of Duggar’s baby bump, confirming that she is pregnant with their first child. The two exchanged vows three months ago, but fans thought she looked a lot further along than 16 weeks.

Joy-Anna Duggar captioned the photo and revealed that her baby is just starting to kick. This coincides with a baby that is around three months along, but fans were quick to point out that her baby bump looks a lot bigger than her timeline would suggest. Some fans even believe that she may have taken the photo weeks before posting it and made it seem like it was a recent shot.

If Duggar got pregnant before the wedding, it would be a major blow to the family’s ultra-conservative values. As fans are well aware, the Duggar family doesn’t even permit holding hands before marriage, let alone getting knocked up. To make matters worse, the couple used their pregnancy news to promote their anti-abortion views, which also enraged fans on social media. Unfortunately, unless Duggar and Forsyth come clean, we may never know the truth about her sudden pregnancy.

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[Featured Image by TLC]