Mandy Moore On Why She’s A Big Proponent Of Therapy

Mandy Moore understands the value of therapy. The This Is Us star recently opened up about the importance of seeking professional support, hoping that this will help end the stigma attached to mental health.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Mandy Moore revealed that attending therapy sessions have become an essential part of her self-care routine.

“I’m a big proponent of therapy. It’s something that I find in my own life to be incredibly helpful during many different junctures of my life, it’s been a common through line.”

Moore also recently partnered with Her Life, Her Adventure, an educational campaign that encourages women to talk to their doctors and learn more about their options when it comes to family planning and birth control.

Since the launch, the actress has become more vocal about taking care of both your physical and mental health. Unlike most people who only seek professional help during a crisis, Moore shared that she’s gone to therapy even on less stressful days.

“I feel like it’s most beneficial at times when I don’t think that I need it, like when there’s not a ton going on that feels stressful. I find that I get the most benefit out of it sometimes when I feel like I’m doing okay,” she explained.

With more and more celebrities lending their voice in support of mental health awareness, Moore hopes that it will eventually lead to a more open discussion, eventually ending the stigma surrounding therapy.

“I’m glad there’s more transparency and we’re having an open dialogue around mental health. It’s needed to help take away some of the stigma attached to it,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Mandy Moore also recently talked to Cosmopolitan about the biggest lesson she learned about playing Rebecca on This Is Us. As a newly-engaged woman looking forward to starting her own family soon, Moore shared that she found her character, flaws and all, inspiring. She shared that she’s particularly amazed at how patient Rebecca has been to her children.

“She’s doing her level best and maybe not everyone always agrees with some of the more unpopular choices she’s made in her life but I think she’s doing alright. She’s loyal to the bone and I think she’s a pretty terrific mother, wife, and friend,” she shared.

Being on the show also made Mandy realize that she should improve her relationship with her own mother. She admitted that her own relationship echoes that of Rebecca and Kate and can’t help but feel terrible about it. Since then, Mandy shared that she found a whole new appreciation for mothers in general.

“It’s made me appreciate my mom all the more. And the other mothers in my orbit, in my life, friends of mine. I don’t know how people do it. It’s the ultimate sacrifice in every regard,” she shared.

This Is Us Season 2 airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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