Donald Trump Impeachment Democrats: Nancy Pelosi Not Ready To Go There But Supports The Other ‘I-Word’

The status on a Donald Trump impeachment is up in the air for some lawmakers. Speaking for Democrats, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi still thinks the option to impeach President Trump is off the table for now, but she is willing to support the other I-Word: Intervention.

Like her colleague, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi is not ready to pull the trigger on a Donald Trump impeachment. Their positions differ sharply from a growing cadre of Democrats — like Rep. Al Green of Texas, for example. For months the Congressman has floated the possibility of forcing a vote on a Trump impeachment using a “privileged motion” in the House.

As Senate leader for her party of Democrats, Pelosi has the power to swing the pendulum of Donald Trump’s impeachment chances to the right or left. While she has largely adopted a muted approach, during her Friday visit on Chelsea Handler’s talk show, Pelosi hinted that she’s prepared to deal with Trump — not by impeachment, but with the use of intervention as a means to address his volatile behavior.

As the Intervention website shows, when someone “intervenes” in another person’s well being, it entails some aspect of addressing mental health issues or some form of addiction. While many critics have called Donald Trump’s decisions and behavior into question, it’s unclear what degree of intervention Nancy Pelosi is referring to in lieu of impeaching the president, citing the Newsweek report.

“I think an intervention is really needed here. We have to make sure the president knows what he’s talking about…. What are the facts?”

Pelosi accused President Trump of “flubbing” or “ignoring the truth” at times. She also raised concerns about his unpredictable behavior and lack of decorum.

Pelosi recalled the events right after Trump’s inauguration in January where she and other senior lawmakers from Congress — Democrats and Republicans — met formally with Trump. Her expectation was that the new commander-in-chief would act presidential by giving a “momentous speech.” Instead, Trump went off on a tangent, as she described to Handler.


“What is he going to say? Will he quote the Bible? Will he quote our founders? What poetry might he talk about in order to talk about the momentous nature of the occasion? And what’d he say? ‘You know I won the popular vote,’ To which I said: That’s not true.”

Election polls show that Donald Trump failed to win the popular vote against his Democratic opponent. Hillary Clinton won nearly 3 million more votes than Trump. However, during the aforementioned meeting, the real estate mogul rose the possibility of voter fraud: based on what he “was told,” as many as 5 million people voted “illegally,” which declared him the winner of the popular vote. It was then that Pelosi said she “gave up” on his presidency.

“I said, ‘You know, if we’re going to work together, we have to at least stipulate to fact. We will have our disagreements over priorities, or the course of action, or the timing, but we have to stipulate a set of facts.’ We did that with President Bush even though we disagreed over the war in Iraq. What could be worse than that?”

Tom Steyer is convinced that Donald Trump should be impeached by Democrats and Republicans. The California billionaire is offering $10 million towards a media campaign that pushes to oust the president.


Sources say that Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi once enjoyed a cordial relationship — somewhat of a love-hate dichotomy. In 2007, Trump was a registered Democrat. Then, he reportedly donated $20,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Around the same time, he praised Pelosi for her installment as the Speaker of the House. Their relationship soured at some point; just in March, Trump had begun tweeting support for investigating his former friend over alleged “connections to Russia.”

Do you think a Donald Trump impeachment or intervention is the solution to help restore the “respect” of the Oval Office? Would Republicans join Democrats on a bipartisan level?

You can check out the full clip of Nancy Pelosi’s chat with Chelsea Handler below.

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