Donald Trump ‘Impeachment Only Remedy,’ Says Texan Democrat Planning To File Privileged Motion Next Week

Donald Trump impeachment rumors have been in the air for some time now, but it now appears tangible efforts to make it happen are gaining pace.

Texan Democrat Al Green, who signed onto articles of impeachment filed by fellow Democrat Brad Sherman in June, took the House floor this past week to announce that he would be filing a privileged motion next week, which would make a vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment within two days of the motion being filed mandatory, reports Newsweek.

Although Green contends that he has long been reflecting on the legal and executive recourse available to him and others willing to impeach only the second president in United States’ history, he said it is only now that he is moving ahead with the privileged motion because of Trump’s recent labeling of NFL players who protested police brutality against people of color as “sons of b***hes.”

“The last straw was when the president took indecency to a new low. To refer to these mothers, to call them dogs, I was deeply hurt by it. I was shocked by what he said. I was appalled. I think it merits a response, and if this was the only thing the response would be different, but it’s not the only thing. We have a multiplicity of circumstances that have all come together and have caused me to make a decision to go to the floor.”

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Donald Trump impeachment plans are not set in stone, however, even as the president’s continuous hostility towards Puerto Rico’s mayor and his direct taking down of NFL players have seen his unpopularity rating take a nosedive in recent weeks, with 55 percent of Americans now saying that they disapprove of Trump as president, according to Gallup. As Slate reported, Trump’s description of Puerto Rico’s death toll, which has been ravaged by Hurricane Maria, did him no favors in that regard.

Although it is quite unlikely that Al Green’s efforts towards a Trump impeachment will bear fruits in the near future — especially considering that influential Democrats are unwilling to support him at this stage pending Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s potential corroboration with the Trump campaign during last year’s elections — it is not something which burdens Green overtly. Even so, such a motion and the consequent vote would put several Democrats in a fix, showcasing whether they are willing to support a president who is widely disliked by their base.

Arguing that “history will vindicate” him for his efforts, Green said his motion towards Donald Trump’s impeachment is a call of conscience and compared it to Rosa Parks’ actions which ignited the Civil Rights Movement.

“Rosa Parks when she took that seat, she was more concerned about the injustice than she was whether or not taking that seat then and there was going to cure the injustice. It really is a question of conscience. I’ve told people, I think history will vindicate me,” he said.

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