The Hillywood Show Returns With New Parody: ‘Stranger Things’ Gets A Little ‘Supernatural’

Hilly and Hannah from The Hillywood Show have been around YouTube for at least a decade, but it was their Twilight parodies that arguably made them an internet sensation. Their latest Stranger Things parody is now out and it certainly got a little Supernatural in parts, and not just because of the superpowers of the show’s Eleven.

Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the most talked about shows. It’s only natural for The Hillywood Show to do a parody of it. After all, they’ve done parodies of Twilight, The Walking Dead, Sherlock, and The Vampire Diaries. What has made this parody so fun is the inclusion of Supernatural actors Richard Speight Jr. and Kim Rhodes in two of the iconic roles in the show.

The actors aren’t even in for short cameos. Speight Jr. plays the role of Dustin Henderson in the majority of the parody, and Rhodes has taken on Joyce Byers. This isn’t the first time a parody has had a Supernatural cast member join them, either. Osric Chau had a cameo in The Walking Dead parody. It was because of him and Speight Jr. that the Supernatural parody involved the majority of the cast members from the real show.

The Hillywood Show Returns With 'Stranger Things' Parody
Image by Netflix Media Center

In the latest Stranger Things parody, the Hindi sisters play Mike Wheeler and Eleven. Set to the track “Super Freak,” Hilly’s Mike Wheeler and his friends go in search for their missing friend and come across Hannah’s Eleven. The three friends have to find a way to protect Eleven, as they realize that she’s not just a normal girl.

After just an hour of being made available on YouTube, the Stranger Things parody has been viewed more than 30,000 times. The Hillywood Show’s Supernatural parody is their most popular, currently sitting at 15 million views after almost two and a half years of being available on the site. Fans also share their appreciation for the video in the comments, saying how the girls have managed to make it look like the real show once again.

The Hillywood Show never started as a channel to make one-off parodies of top movies and TV shows. The sisters initially created a parody series on Pirates of the Caribbean. They did the odd sketch and video from other movies and shows, but it was the Twilight parody that set them on the journey they are on today.

[Featured Image by Netflix Media Center]