Michigan Teens Hurl Rock From Overpass And Kill Young Father Driving Home From Work

32-year-old father Kenneth Andrew White of Michigan, was killed while riding home from a construction job Wednesday night. White was struck with a large rock, which was hurled from an overpass by teenagers that crashed through the van’s windshield.

White was riding in the passenger seat and was immediately knocked unconscious. By the time he arrived at Hurley Medical Center, he was pronounced dead. White and some co-workers were returning home from a two hour commute when the van was hit just minutes away from their destination.

WXYZ reported that White and his coworkers were traveling southbound on I-75 when the incident occurred. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office said four other vehicles had reported hitting large rocks that were just lying in the middle of the interstate.

The rocks were reportedly brought from another location, and are extremely large in size. The hole in the van’s windshield shows just how large they were.

Yesterday, several teenagers were taken into custody for the crime. How many teens, their names, and ages have not been identified. Law enforcement claims the teens threw the rocks as a prank.

White’s fiancee, Aimee Cagle, had to tell the couple’s 5-year-old son that his father would not be coming home. Cagle explained to Click on Detroit that White was a wonderful father and “a good man.”


The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident as a potential homicide.

A GoFundMe has been set up for White’s funeral expenses. The page displays a photo of White with his son. In just two days, the page has already raised $31,202 from 683 people. Family friend Rita Taylor started the fund the day of the incident, which she described as a “freak accident.”

Cagle is grateful to all those who have donated to his burial fund, and was happy to see there is still “kindness and love out there.”

Windshield from Kenneth White's accident
Hole left by rock in Kenneth White's accident. [Image by Sheriff's Department]

White’s cousin Amy White posted on the GoFundMe page thanking all those who donated. She expressed he will have the funeral he deserves now and hopes his wife and son can pay for all the extra expenses. Some were questioning the validity of the page, but it has been verified by the site, as well as friends and family of White.

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