October 20, 2017
'LPBW': Tori Roloff Warns Of Rainy Weekend At The Pumpkin Patch With Cute Photo Of 'Main Squish'

Tori Roloff, the Little People, Big World fan favorite, recently shared a photo of herself with baby Jackson, who was adorned in a beanie and snuggled in a baby carrier, as she warned visitors to the Roloff Farms pumpkin patch of a possible rainy weekend.

Tori said that she was just hanging out at the pumpkin patch with her "main squish" before asking her followers to bring rain boots if they are coming over to Roloff Farms for a visit this weekend.

In the photo, Tori is wearing a jacket and an "Always More" cap, while baby Jackson was protected from the cold with a beanie.

Some of Tori's followers were quick to notice and commend the adorable getup of Jackson. At least a couple of fans asked Tori where she got the little black beanie Jackson was wearing.

Another follower was curious about the baby carrier Tori uses for Jackson. The fan asked Tori what kind it was and if she liked it. She also asked Tori if the baby carrier is easy to handle, as she was told before that it was tricky and difficult to put on by oneself.

Tori was every bit her helpful self as she gamely answered her followers. First, she tagged three of her followers and told them where she found the beanie. Tori also said that the seller has "the best stuff."

Tori also informed her followers of the particular brand of baby carrier that baby Jackson was using. She then gave out one detail about the five-month-old baby Jackson after she was asked again if the carrier has good back and shoulder support. Tori said that Jackson weighs only 15 pounds so he's not too heavy yet for her back to hurt. She also said that she's worn Jackson "quite a bit in it" and so far she hasn't experienced any discomfort.

A few of her followers agreed with her. At least a couple said that they regularly used their baby carrier up until their babies were around 30 pounds heavy. They did say that one should know how to strap them on properly to avoid any issues.

Most of Tori's followers commented on how adorable the two are while some were curious if Tori was still teaching or if she would go back to teaching any time soon. Tori has not yet given any indication that she is back or when she'll go back to her job. For now, Tori is enjoying taking care of baby Jackson and spending some time at the Roloff Farms pumpkin patch even on rainy weekends.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]