October 20, 2017
Frederica Wilson Calls Herself A 'Rock Star' After 'Eavesdropping' On Trump: Rep In Cowboy Hat a 'Wrecker'

Fox & Friends hosts and guests on the Friday morning show were appalled over U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson calling herself a "rock star" after making an issue over Donald Trump's phone call to the family of a fallen soldier. A clip of Wilson in a 10-gallon-like cowboy hat, or cowgirl hat, smiling and expressing her joy while talking to the reporters was played on Friday's show. Wilson said, "This is amazing. That's amazing. I'll have to tell my kids that I'm a rock star now."

The same clip that was shown on Fox & Friends this morning, was also described online by Fox News. Wilson "eavesdropped" on Trump's phone call to the family of a fallen soldier, reported Fox & Friends, and then she used what she heard in this call to bash Donald Trump. The president made a phone call to a widow of a U.S. service member who was recently killed in Africa. Before making that phone call he sought guidance from his Chief of Staff General John Kelly.

Kelly, who lost a son in Afghanistan, gave a very moving and telling press conference on Thursday regarding what Trump said to Myeshia Johnson, who is the widow of the fallen soldier, U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson. This soldier was one of four American soldiers who lost their lives in Niger a couple of weeks ago.

It was a very personal story that Kelly shared at the podium, he talked as the father of a fallen soldier and told reporters what his advice was to Trump when he said he wanted to call the families. He first advised him against it, saying there is nothing anyone can say to ease what the family is going through, according to NBC News.
Kelly said it was the phone call from his son's military buddies telling him what a great guy he was that he held the closest. He also told Trump that his best friend, who was the man who took on the task of informing Kelly his son had died, also spoke words that meant a lot to him.

Kelly's friend told him that his son died doing what he wanted to do, he was serving his country. Kelly shared how his best friend, General Joseph Dunford, who is now Joint Chief of Staff, informed him of his son's death. He said to Kelly that his son "was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed," which is discussed in detail in a previous Inquisitr article.

Trump used a similar line when talking to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Trump looked to Kelly for advice and it sounded as if he attempted to share the same type of words that Kelly found appropriate when he was in the shoes of this Gold Star family. This was the comment that Wilson has twisted and turned into something she deems "disrespectful," according to the Fox & Friends hosts and guests. Wilson took this private moment between the president and a soldier's widow and made it into something awful for political purposes, suggests the Fox & Friends group.

Kelly said "it stuns me that a member of Congress would listen in on the President's conversation" with a Gold Star family. He said when he came into work Thursday morning he was stunned and heartbroken that this phone call was made into something political. The Congresswoman was still continuing with her campaign about this phone call despite Kelly's words at the press conference yesterday, which were meant to bring this issue to an end, according to Fox News on Friday morning. Wilson repeated words that her mother once told her:

"The dog can bark at the moon all night long but it doesn't become an issue until the moon barks back."
Trump tweeted his comment about Wilson's claim on Thursday and that is the last he has said about it. He has not answered her "bark at the moon" tweet. Trump's final tweet on the subject is seen below.
One of the earlier guests on Friday's Fox & Friends show was Judge Jeanine Pirro, who referred to Wilson is "that woman in a hat." She offered her disgust towards Wilson's campaign of using the death of a fallen soldier via Trump's phone call for politics. Wilson, who is a Democrat, chuckled when speaking to reporters and appeared very animated, by holding her hand up to her chest. She seemed rather pleased with herself, suggests Fox, when reporters caught up with her yesterday.

Wilson was seen giggling while talking about the White House's rebuttal to her account of President Trump's condolence call to the fallen soldier's widow. Many comments from social media suggest this was not a subject to laugh about.

Wilson also told reporters with that big smile gleaming from under her hat, "You mean to tell me that I've become so important that the White House is following me and my words." It was right after this statement she made on Thursday that she deemed herself a "rock star" and said how she couldn't wait to tell her kids.

General John Kelly wants this to stop, a soldier has died and this is no way to respect his memory, which is what Fox News reports. Kelly's thoughts at the podium on Thursday should have ended this issue once and for all.

According to another article from Fox News, Lt. Col. Oliver North was a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, during his Thursday evening show. He explained how "Rep. Frederica Wilson violated a private moment between President Trump and the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson with her very public criticism." North also had the following to say.

"It is a very, very personal, intimate moment, and she has wrecked it, is what she has done. She is a wrecker. This Congressman Wilson is a wrecker."
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