Apple iPhone 5 Dancing Possible With Cycloramic Dance App [Video]

The Apple iPhone 5 can dance and record video all on its hands-free self. No joke. If you plan on spending time with tech naive friends or in any bars for this New Years celebration you might want to install the Cycloramic app from the Apple Store. Besides being a neat party trick you might even be able to win a couple bets.

Getting to the end of the lines at the Apple Stores in order to snag your sparkling new iPhone 5 may have resulted in something like the above picture. Hopefully, minus the hair and ‘stache. But what if you wanted to make your new iPhone 5 join in on the dancing?

CNET says it first noticed a Tweet claiming the iPhone could dance. The videos clearly show an iPhone 5 spinning in a circle all on its own without any interference. But they thought it was a practical joke or some special effects gimmick:

“Boy was I wrong. So I followed the link to the App Store, forked over the 99 cents for the app, and ran it on my iPhone 5. I couldn’t believe it. My iPhone 5 was spinning in a circle on my end table, without me even touching it. While it was spinning it was also recording a video of my surroundings. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.”

According to TechCrunch, even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is fascinated with the Cycloramic app, which, besides the gimmick of spinning in circles, takes a 360-degree video without the help or support of a tripod. The only necessity is a smooth surface like glass or marble. Maybe this app will start a trend similar to planking or milking?

CNET also tested the Cycloramic app on the aging iPhone 4 and 4S. As the developers of the app warned, those older smartphones will not spin around at all.

Do you want to make your iPhone 5 dance or do you think this is all a little too gimmicky?–6ESc