Walgreens Tornado: Surveillance Cameras Capture Terrifying Storm [Video]

Mobile, AL – Walgreens customers were left stunned and a little terrified when a tornado touched down in the store’s parking lot on Christmas Day. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the unexpected arrival.

According to The Blaze, customers said the tornado sounded like “a washing machine full of rocks,” while others likened the noise to a military war zone.

As the tornado’s intensity increased, one man rushed out into the parking lot to assess the situation. Moments later, he can be seen running back into the Walgreens as the wind blows in behind him. The lighting reflected in the window looks like a top dollar Hollywood special effect.

The surveillance footage taken from the parking lot shows a particularly frightening scenario. Once the high winds set in, cars and debris can be seen casually blowing around the lot. The scene must have looked very surreal from inside the store.

One employee working at Walgreens on Christmas Day related his experience to the folks at FOX 10. He explained:

“I was on the phone with my brother-in-law trying to get an update from him exactly when it hit. I was in the stock room, and transformers were popping out here and the lights were turning green outside from all the transformers popping. It was pretty intense.”

According to The Huffington Post, the man in wearing camouflage fatigues who can be seen running into the parking lot recently posted his thoughts on YouTube


He wrote:

“[I warned] everybody to get away from the glass … then dove to the floor with another customer when the air pressure blew in the glass and debris rained down on us. I said a prayer for my girlfriend trapped in my truck outside. When I got to her she was terrified and had a sprained hand from holding a death grip as my truck lifted of the ground and settled back to earth as it was struck by an airborne shopping cart.”

You can check out the surveillance footage below.