‘The Walking Dead’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Claims Fans Will Hate Negan Even More After Season 8

The Walking Dead is gearing up for Season 8 and no character is safe now that the war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is finally underway. In an interview with NY Daily News, Morgan revealed that there will be a lot of bloodshed this year and assured fans they will hate Negan even more after the dust settles.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew will take the fight to Negan after spending an entire season under his rule. We don’t know which characters will meet their end this year, but Morgan admitted that he’ll never forget this season because of all the fake blood he’s had sprayed on him this season.

“It doesn’t come out easily,” Morgan shared. “There are too many nooks and crannies in the human body. And the blood finds them.”

The amount of bloodshed is not a big surprise to fans. The storyline this year is based on the “All Out War” theme in the comics and a confrontation with Negan is long overdue. The series also suffered a hit in the ratings department last season, especially after Negan killed Glenn (Steven Yeun) in the Season 7 premiere. Fans have waited for a little redemption ever since Glenn’s shocking death and its sounds like that might finally happen.

In fact, Lincoln confessed that Rick will finally reclaim a bit of his old identity this season on The Walking Dead and that we’ll see a small payoff for what happened last season. The actor also revealed that the story moves a lot faster and that the special effects budget was drastically increased. This means we should see a lot more explosions and stunts as the war with Negan heats up.

According to Rolling Stone, the new season starts right where things left off last year and Negan might not be as strong as he appears. Rick made some important alliances by the end of Season 7, including a team-up with The Kingdom, which is controlled by King Ezekiel and his pet tiger. These new allies should help Rick and his group overthrow Negan, who derives a lot of his power through fear. Whether or not Rick will succeed, of course, is yet to be seen.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres on Oct. 22 with its opening episode, “Mercy,” check out a preview below.

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