‘Counting On’ Stars Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Slammed Online! Fans Claim They Need To ‘Get A Job’!

Counting On star Jinger Duggar-Vuolo has always been known as the rebel of the family. She wears pants and shorts in defiance of her parents’ strict dress code, and she moved out of state after she got married. But despite her acts of rebellion, it is a fact that Duggar-Vuolo has lived a charmed, yet sheltered life, and it is resulting in some backlash from her online followers.

Duggar-Vuolo’s most recent, seemingly innocent Instagram post showed just how out of touch she really is, and fans were quick to call her out. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the post featured a picture of her husband Jeremy Vuolo standing in an empty movie theater, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal. But, it was on a non-holiday Monday afternoon, and after reading what Duggar-Vuolo wrote with the pic, people were quick to comment.

“Apparently the theater is not ‘the place to be’ on a Monday afternoon… good thing we got here early????” wrote Duggar-Vuolo.

Is it possible that the couple was shocked to find out they were the only ones attending a Monday afternoon movie?

One follower wrote that it was because the vast majority of people were at work, while another pointed out that people have jobs and are not on reality shows.

However, the most troubling part of the Jinger Duggar-Vuolo’s weekday afternoon movie outing is that they weren’t in the theater to watch a scary flick or a blockbuster, but rather the latest Kirk Cameron Jesus movie.


Apparently, the rebellious couple is a little lost when it comes to pop culture.

Even though fans are calling them out about their lack of careers, one thing the couple is doing that is different from their family is not having children.

The couple has reached the 11-month mark in their marriage and has yet to announce a pregnancy, making them the first Duggar couple of their generation to achieve that milestone.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that there is speculation the couple is using birth control, which is something that Duggar-Vuolo’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have spoken out against. The Duggar family doesn’t believe in the use of contraceptives because of a lost pregnancy, which they believe was the result of using birth control. The family’s conservative religious beliefs profess that children are a gift from God, and it is up to him to decide how many children a couple should have.


Duggar-Vuolo and her husband have said they want to have children, but they are apparently in no hurry to start a family. Since she has almost made it to her first anniversary without a pregnancy announcement, the reality star is apparently living life her own way.

Tell us! Do you think Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are flaunting the fact that they don’t have jobs in the faces of Counting On fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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