‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Nightmare Is Becoming A Reality, Is Betsy Telling The Truth About Drew?

Franco just wants to know the truth on ABC’s General Hospital so he can move on with his life with Elizabeth Webber and her boys. However, he may be sorry that he started digging as the hole is getting deeper by the minute. A shocking truth about his childhood may just send him into a downward spiral and turn his nightmares into a reality.

As he continues to seek the truth about Jason’s twin, Franco paid a surprise visit to his adoptive mother, Betsy. He demanded to know if she was really telling the truth about Andrew’s death. She finally admitted that Drew didn’t die, but that she had to give him up because he wasn’t safe. The little boy fell down the stairs long ago and was badly hurt. Betsy then told Franco that Drew wasn’t safe because of him and that’s why she gave him up.

According to upcoming General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Franco will once again be turning to his artwork, but his drawings will turn dark once again. Will he believe that Betsy is telling the truth? She has lied to him several times now, but he also knows that he has a very dark past. If she was really telling the truth about Drew falling down the stairs, it could be that they were playing and he lost his balance accidentally making it look like Franco pushed him.

However, many General Hospital viewers are not convinced that Betsy is telling the truth at all. There may be more than meets the eye. What is the whole story? Is someone else pulling Betsy’s strings making her lie to her son about the twin story?

Franco has had a troubled past and has hurt a lot of people, and a brain tumor was considered the cause of it all. Could it be that he was really an evil child back then who started out hurting others by trying to do away with his best friend? It is very doubtful that General Hospital would go that route. Betsy may have just assumed that it was all Franco’s fault, or for some reason wants to convince him that he was to blame.

More General Hospital spoilers suggests that Franco will be headed on a terrifying journey. This would definitely be considered a nightmare thinking that he was a killer even at three-years-old. He wanted to put these things to rest so that he and Liz could continue their love story. However, this whole Jason twin story may just cause some tension between them. Will Franco go back to his dark side?

Are you convinced that Betsy is telling the truth that her son tried to hurt Drew when they were little boys? If not, why would she lie about such a terrible thing to Franco? Stay tuned to General Hospital for more on this tale of two Jason’s.

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