Indian Man Survives Being Stabbed With Large Knife In The Back Of The Neck — See The Shocking Photo

Doctors in India were recently faced with saving a man who had been stabbed in the back of the neck by a random passerby.

The New York Post notes that the victim, 43-year-old Venkata Ram Prasad, was headed home by bicycle in the town of Anantapur on September 14, when he was viciously assaulted and stabbed in the neck by an attacker who sped away following the stabbing.

Prasad was said to be found lying in a pool of his own blood by lawmen in the country, who transported the injured man, face down, to Columbia Asia Hospital with the knife still firmly planted in the back of his neck.

“A CT scan revealed that the knife had pierced his spinal cord,” the New York Post explains, “[which made] it difficult to administer anesthesia because he would have had to be turned over [on his back].”

Images of the injured Prasad that were taken by doctors display the stabbed man with a large knife sticking out the back of his neck, with the handle and several inches of the blade clearly visible.

Those who wish to see the image of Prasad can click here, but please be advised that it is extremely graphic (likewise, a graphic X-ray image of Prasad’s injury can be seen here).

Despite his upside-down position, doctors were ultimately able to administer anesthesia to Prasad to begin the process of removing the knife from the man’s neck.

man stab neck
A man in India was stabbed in the back of the neck in a random attack. [Image by yodiyim/iStock]

“We made sure the surgery was done without any movement of the neck and without any upper body movement,” Dr. Avinash K M, a consulting neurosurgeon, told the Times of India.

Dr. Avinash also stated that Prasad suffered paralysis in his left hand from the attack.

Weeks later, Prasad is said to be back on his feet and fully recovered from the injury. Police are still looking into the attack.

In stateside news, police in New York City are currently investigating a dual stabbing that saw two teens in Midtown attacked as they walked down a city block.

Writers for CBS 2 News report that the young men, both 17, were attacked Tuesday afternoon on 56th Street and Ninth Avenues in Hell’s Kitchen. One of the men, like Prasad, was stabbed in the neck.

Both were taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition and are expected to recover from their injuries.

[Featured Image by sanchairat/iStock]