‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Orders Sami’s Arrest, Rafe Sides With Ex, Rope In Major Trouble

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Sami (Alison Sweeney) will land in big trouble just a few days after landing in Salem. Sami wants to know what happened to her son, and she doesn’t mind spending an evening in jail if it means getting closer to the truth. Her enthusiasm will not sit well with the new police commissioner though. Spoilers tease Hope (Kristian Alfonso) will not let Sami’s outbursts slide, and her decision to have the fierce woman arrested will not sit well with Rafe (Galen Gering).

Days of Our Lives spoilers for October 24 reveal Sami will have a heated argument with someone in the police station. In the process, Sami will commit a crime because she wants to expedite matters and learn the truth of Will’s death. Seeing the situation, Hope will not let Sami get away with her antics.

While putting Sami in jail is within Hope’s jurisdiction, spoilers tease Rafe will let Hope know what he thinks about her decision. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Rafe will take Sami’s side, and this will cause a major conflict between the couple. It’s possible Rafe will point out Hope’s punishment was too harsh given Sami’s offense. Rafe and Sami used to be a couple and stepping up for the woman in jail. Rafe’s opinion doesn’t count, but sharing it could cause a serious rift between them. It’s not the first time Rafe expressed his opinion about Hope’s decision. If he doesn’t change his tune their relationship will fall apart soon.

Rafe won’t be the only person who will have words with Hope. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Sami will have a lot to say to her. Sami wants to be out of prison and start the search for Will. However, Hope will not be swayed. Hope understands how Sami feels, but for her, it should not give Will’s mommy bear a free pass for breaking the law. Luckily, Hope and Sami will agree on something.

Paul and Sonny will meet up with Sami once she gets out of jail. Marlena and John will join them and head out of Salem to look for Will. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease more reunions as the group leaves for Memphis to look for any clue which can point out where Will is and what happened to him.

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