Edible Burger Wrappers Debut In Brazilian Fast Food Restaurant [Video]

Tired of having to unwrap your food before chowing down? A Brazilian fast food restaurant is serving up a solution: Edible burger wrappers.

In an effort to spread the word about their unique packaging, the folks at Bob’s have put together a handy commercial which shows the gimmick in action. If you’ve ever licked cheese off of your favorite burger’s wrapper, then the idea isn’t entirely far fetched.

According to FOX News, the Brazilian fast food joint is hoping to cut down on the amount of waste generated by the countless wrappers that are discarded every year. However, Bob’s representatives aren’t revealing the secret ingredient of their edible burger wrappers.

While the restaurant is approaching the gimmick from an ecological standpoint, the gimmick does come with a marketing hook. According to PSFK, Bob’s believes their products are so irresistible that people can’t wait to sink their teeth into these tasty burgers. In order to help out their customers, Bob’s made the wrappers edible.

Roughly translated, the fast food joint’s tagline reads, “You cannot control.”

Bob’s representatives explained that customers were initially confused by the edible burger wrappers because they resemble ordinary packaging. Once folks realized they could eat the wrappers, very few people threw them away.

Oddity Central reports that scientists have been hard at work on edible WikiCells, which could theoretically be used to package or bottle certain kinds of foods. Since the container ultimately absorbs the flavor of its contents, people could consume the packaging if desired.

Although the idea of eating wrappers sounds downright horrifying, the embedded video suggests it isn’t as awkward or disgusting as you may initially believe.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Bob’s for a burger, you might want to hurry; the edible wrappers promotion is only for a limited time. However, there’s always the possibility other fast food restaurants could follow suit in the near future.