Here's The Exact Date When Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract Will Expire

The WWE Universe remains hopeful that Daniel Bryan will continue his wrestling career after his contract with WWE expires next year. The current general manager of SmackDown Live will never wrestle inside a WWE ring again, especially after making an official retirement speech. It's come to light that he has started training for an in-ring return with Brie Bella, but no one outside of his inner circle knows his real future.

If Bryan Danielson were medically cleared to compete inside the squared circle again, he would most likely be able to wrestle anywhere he wanted. Ring of Honor has already opened their door to him, but there's the million dollar question of how much longer everyone has to wait before he's free of his WWE contract. It's finally been reported that Daniel Bryan's deal with the company is set to expire next September.

Over the summer, Bryan was teasing a potential matchup with Cody Rhodes, who has elevated his status to a whole new level outside of WWE. During their conversation of social media, Bryan mentioned that he can answer Cody's challenge on September 28, 2018. The expectation is that his deal will expire on that date next year. A lot of people believe that to be the case, since Daniel Bryan was so specific about the exact date.

Daniel Bryan Will Leave WWE Next September
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By next fall, he'll have gone three years without wrestling a match. His history of seizures and concussions is very concerning to a lot of people, because getting back into the ring could be fatal for him. It's the biggest reason why WWE officials have kept him out of the ring for the past two years, and WWE doctors refuse to medically clear him. However, there have also been rumors about him changing his style to protect his neck and head. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad bump or a freakish accident to prove WWE doctors right.

It's not a guarantee that Bryan Danielson will wrestle another match, but wrestling fans now have a date to mark on their calendars to know when his WWE contract expires. Unless he signs a new contract with the company, he will be written off WWE television before next fall. A lot can happen before next September, but the WWE Universe can only wait and see what happens. Now, there is just an exact end date to watch.

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