‘The New Mutants’ Could Be The Spiritual Successor To ‘Logan’ That Comic Book Fans Deserve

The New Mutants trailer just made big waves on the internet. X-Men fans were quick to notice how the new superhero flick follows the same tone and overall style as Hugh Jackman’s Logan. Comic book fans seem to be quite pleased with the way The New Mutants will be portrayed and look forward to seeing the movie on the big screen.

Josh Boone is the director of The New Mutants. According to Entertainment Weekly, Boone talked about the Marvel project earlier in the year, promising a different take on superhero films.

“We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe. There are no costumes. There are no super villains. We’re trying to do something very, very different.”

The first trailer for the movie was recently released, and Boone seems to have kept his promise. The trailer introduces the audience to unknown mutants and a different perspective of the X-Men universe.

The New Mutants is tied to the X-Men’s world but its plot does not focus on Professor X, his students, or the iconic superhero team. The mutants seen in the movie will be Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Mirage. In Professor X’s place, playing the mature mutant is Cecilia Reyes.

Although, in the trailer, Dr. Reyes doesn’t seem to be a role model for the young mutants.

The New Mutants trailer received mostly positive reviews from avid fans of the X-Men comics so far. Many have compared it with Logan and past X-Men films, as stated by comic book fans in the in the r/movies subreddit.

“I guess Logan was proof that steering away from the main X-Men’s tone can be golden and I’m super thankful. I enjoy the big mainstream Marvel and X-Men movies, but it’s really getting old,” commented induna_crewneck 926.

“I appreciate that they’re going for a horror tone unlike the mainline X-Men films,” commented Indie_Reclaimer 3396 on the same thread.

Unlike most of the X-Men films, Logan was well-received by comic book fans because it portrayed themes of the Old Man Logan comic so well. As per Screen Rant, the movie did take some liberties with the story, but the tone and overall spirit of the comic shined through in Logan.


The New Mutants seems to be going down the same path. The movie is based on issues 18-20 of The Demon Bear Saga, reported Polygon. The Demon Bear Saga appears to have a darker tone compared to the other comics featuring the X-Men. It also seems to be scarier, creepier, and spookier.

Similar to Logan, the characters in The New Mutants will not be donning any costumes and probably won’t be saving the world either. Instead, they would likely be focused on saving each other. The upcoming mutants movie also seems to emulate Logan’s darker, grittier tone.

However, the similarities stop there. While the tone of the two movies might be the same, the films focus on different aspects of the mutant world. Logan still focuses on the political issues of being a mutant, much like the past X-Men films. Meanwhile, The New Mutants seems to concentrate on the more paranormal aspects of being a mutant.

Overall, the upcoming movie doesn’t seem like it will be pulling any punches, just like Logan. Boone and Knate Lee, who is co-writing the movie with the director, seems to be following the same formula with The New Mutants. For comic book fans, this is very good news.

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