Peter Parker’s Death Sends Spider-Man Fans Into A Frenzy

Peter Parker’s death in Amazing Spider-Man #700 has created a bit of controversy in the comic book world. Writer Dan Slott has even received death threats for the story line of the final issue.

ABC reports that Slott has been crafting the adventures of the Amazing Spider-Man for the majority of the last 100 issues. The finale, which was released today, opens up a new chapter for the superhero but it also closes the door on Peter Parker.

Slott writes:

“This is an epic turn. I’ve been writing Spider-Man for 70-plus issues. Every now and then, you have to shake it up. … The reason Spider-Man is one of the longest running characters is they always find a way to keep it fresh. Something to shake up the mix.”

Peter Parker’s death has resulted in panic for comic book fans but Big Shiny Robot notes that killing off a super hero is nothing new in comic books. Dick Grayson temporarily took over as Batman for Bruce Wayne and Bucky took over as Captain America for Steve Rodgers. But Peter Parker won’t have a friendly face filling in for him. Instead, Slott crafted a story line that will turn Doctor Octopus into Spider-Man.

Slott said:

“Gone are his days of villainy, but since it’s Doc Ock and he has that ego, he’s not going to try and just be Spider-man, he’s going to try to be the best Spider-Man ever.”

In the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus undergo a mind-swap thanks to the work of an a Octobot. Parker gets trapped inside of Doc Oc’s decaying body but the super-hero isn’t completely defeated. His good nature and heroic memories start to flood Doc Oc’s brain as Parker tells him with his dying breath that “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

This, of course, will lead into the new series. Superior Spider-Man #1 will go on sale January 9.

Editor Stephen Wacker said that Peter Parker’s death may change the face of Spider-Man but Parker will still be an influential role in the new series.

Wacker said:

“(Parker’s) life is still important to the book because it affects everything that Doctor Octopus does as Spider-Man … Because Doctor Octopus knows all of (Parker’s memories and) will make decisions on what he saw Peter going through. In a way, he gets the ultimate victory as he becomes a better hero.”

Do you think Peter Parker’s death will be good for the series?