Twitter Calls For Ben Affleck To Step Down As The DCEU’s Batman

With Ben Affleck having been caught up in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, after being accused of knowing about what was happening, but staying complicit, the actor has also had his own past improprieties brought to the forefront. Not only has Affleck had to apologize for groping Hilarie Burton on camera, but there have also been other women who have stepped forward to ask for their own apologies from the actor for inappropriate behavior.

As CNBC reported, the actor’s ties to Harvey Weinstein, as well as his own indiscretions, have led to Twitter users calling for Ben Affleck to step down from his role as Batman in the DC Extended Universe. This backlash against the actor comes just one month before he is set to reprise his role as the Caped Crusader in the upcoming Justice League movie.

The team up of the DCEU heroes is supposed to be the answer to Marvel’s Avengers and this means that the film has a lot riding on it in terms of future movies. With so many criticisms being levied against past DCEU movies, with the exception of Wonder Woman, fans had been hoping that the Justice League film would help to turn the extended universe around. Now, with Ben Affleck seemingly at the center of his own controversy, there are some concerns that it could have a negative impact on the DCEU and Justice League.

Since being attached to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, as well as dealing with his own improprieties, Twitter users have begun calling for either Ben Affleck to step down as Batman, or for Warner Bros. to let him go. While there have long been rumors that the actor would not be playing the Caped Crusader for long, especially after he stepped down from directing the solo Batman movie, now fans are asking that the man be held responsible for his actions.

Some Twitter users have already said that Justice League will suffer at the box office because of Ben Affleck’s involvement. Others have tweeted out messages saying that there should be a boycott of the actor and his works. Then there are the Twitter users who pointed out that Rose McGowan had her account suspended when she spoke out, but nothing has happened to Affleck because of his actions.

With so many people calling for action against Ben Affleck, it remains to be seen how Warner Bros. and the DCEU deal with the fallout from the actor’s past indiscretions. Plus, with a month until Justice League hits theaters, the studio will have to wait and see if the backlash against the actor will in fact lead to problems at the box office.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]