Fredrik Eklund Earning Millions Prior To Twins’ Arrival

Fredrik Eklund is getting excited as his twins are set to arrive within a few weeks. He announced his pregnancy through a surrogate when Million Dollar Listing New York wrapped just a few months ago, but he had actually learned about the pregnancy back in the spring when he was celebrating his birthday in Paris, France. He found out he was having a baby girl and a baby boy, which means he gets to have his Milla. His son will be named Freddy Jr. But just because the twins are set to arrive within a few weeks doesn’t mean he has slowed down at work.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he’s still making millions of dollars in sales from real estate in New York. This week, he revealed that he had closed over $21 million thanks to his team. Even though he’s excited about becoming a father, it sounds like he’s doing everything possible to work up until he gets the call that his surrogate is in labor and is ready to give birth to the twins.

“Congrats to everyone at One West End for closing $21,780,000 today,” Fredrik Eklund revealed on Instagram, sharing that he was still working hard.

In the Instagram post, he listed all the properties he had sold this week along with his team. He hasn’t said much about the pregnancy or the twins. As he revealed on Million Dollar Listing New York, he shared so much when they were pregnant the first time and he was devastated that he had to share the news that they had miscarried the first set of twins. It is possible that he has done better emotionally this time around, as he has kept his feelings private for the most part.

Even though his husband Derek Kaplan is also excited about becoming a father again, he was nervous about becoming a stay-at-home father. He has previously expressed concern about Fredrik being so dedicated to his work that he would just return to selling shortly after becoming a father, leaving Derek to solve all of their daily troubles. He had no desire to be left alone with the babies. Perhaps they have found a solution, where they get a daytime nanny to help out. No word on whether Fredrik is taking paternity leave.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund still selling millions of dollars worth of real estate just weeks prior to his twins’ arrival? Do you think he will slow down when they arrive?

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