‘Dance Moms’ Cast Accuses Lifetime Of Rigging Competition Scores

The cast of Dance Moms has taken to Twitter to accuse the Lifetime network of “rigging” the competition scores to make it look as though the mini team not only beat the junior elite squad, but won an overall title.

In the most recent episode, Abby Lee Miller’s rechoreographing of the famous “Where Have All the Children Gone?” number took home first in its division, but according to the cast of the show, it didn’t win first overall, but instead took home a second place trophy.

“I was just pointing out the show always goes on overalls till it doesn’t go their way then they have to edit to make it look that way,” wrote Kalani Hilliker’s mother, Kira Girard.

The junior elite competition group, with their seductive and controversial “The Last Dance,” took second place in the teen division and did not place overall, despite their hard work to focus on the dance.

Jill Vertes, mother of dancer Kendall Vertes, accused the Lifetime in participating in “fake news,” saying that those who watch the show shouldn’t believe everything they see.

Dance Moms has been accused of editing out quite a few things during its time, and recently Chloe Lukasiak, who left the show only to return this season, stated that the edits were so all over the place that she was often shown crying when she knew she didn’t cry at all that week.


Abby Lee Miller, in fact, quit Dance Moms before her infamous one year and a day sentence to the FCI Victorville facility due to the fact that she felt production was always “sticking its nose” where it “didn’t belong.” The reality TV star stated that they were always messing with dances when they, in fact, were not qualified to do so due to their lack of dance training. She ultimately quit the show stating that she didn’t feel respected by the production company, and the Dance Moms series is set to have its series finale at the end of this month.

Maddie Ziegler, Abby’s favorite dancer who left to pursue other projects, also confirmed that the producers egg the mothers on to fight with each other.

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