Ivana Trump Makes Alleged Threat Against Melania Trump After White House Statement

Ivana Trump is allegedly threatening Melania Trump after the White House released a statement in response to her comments made on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday. The first lady stood her ground with President Donald Trump’s ex-wife by sending her a message loud and clear that she won’t accept being a part of her gossip in news interviews. Despite the belief that Ivana was joking when she said she’s the “real first lady” because she’s Donald’s first wife, Melania wasn’t amused.

A source tells Radar Online that Ivana Trump is “livid” that First Lady Melania Trump had her spokesperson release a statement in such a forceful tone. Hours after Ivana made the remarks that she’s actually the first lady and won’t call the president too often in an effort to avoid making Melania “jealous,” Melania’s spokesperson at the White House released a statement. Stephanie Grisham declared that Mrs. Trump loves living in Washington, D.C., has made a nice home there for Barron, and intends to use her role to help children, “not sell books.” Additionally, the statement scolded Ivana Trump for being “attention-seeking” and creating “self-serving noise.”

Radar Online‘s insider claims that Ivana is so upset, that she’s saying Melania “is going to pay for it.” Apparently, Ivana didn’t intend for her comments to be taken so seriously and called up the president “screaming” that Melania Trump apologize to her. She wants the White House to issue a formal apology on Melania’s behalf for “overreacting.”

What is Ivana’s threat if she doesn’t get what she wants from the first lady? The source alleges that Ivana will make sure Melania Trump is “blacklisted” in New York society.

As a recent report by the Inquisitr touched on, Ivana discussed a misunderstanding that was written about her in an article after having dinner with some friends in New York. In her book, Raising Trump, Ivana revealed that the article claimed she told her friends that Melania “couldn’t speak,” but she denies ever saying it. She told Fox & Friends in a taped interview that she called Melania Trump “a nice girl” and that it must be difficult being on Donald’s presidential campaign. Ivana said she has an accent as well and that since she and Melania are both immigrants, it’s to be expected. Ivana also said she sent a text to Melania Trump after the negative article came out, telling her that she considers her “family” and that she’d never want to her hurt her.

Ivana is also repeatedly telling news outlets that she’s glad it’s Melania living in the White House and not her.

[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]