‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Graham’s Real Father Tied To Genoa City – Paternity Explosion Soon?

Young and the Restless spoilers from this week’s soap magazines promise there’s more to come in the tale of Graham Bloodworth (Max Shippee). This week, there’s the big reveal that shakes Genoa City that Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) is not a biological Abbott but the daughter of Brent Davis. Just a few people knew this, but soon the whole town knows.

But the secondary reveal is that Graham is Brent Davis’ stepson. This was a big letdown for Y&R fans expecting to discover that Ashley and Graham are half-siblings. But could it be that the CBS soap has yet another twist coming? November sweeps are almost here, and rumors are swirling there’s more to come about Graham and his family history.

Brent Davis not Graham’s dad – so who is?

CBS soap fans were hoping for fresh and exciting storylines and guessed weeks ago that Graham and Ashley were siblings. But now the truth is out, and it turns out Graham isn’t Ashley’s brother at all. Brent Davis, Ashley’s dad, was Graham’s stepfather. But why all the build-up hinting at Graham and Ashley being siblings when they were not? It could be that Y&R spoilers have more in store for the Abbotts.

There is more drama ahead as Ashley’s paternity secret rolls out since GC Buzz is covering her big night at the Top of the Tower. Young and the Restless spoilers promise that Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) can’t sit on the story, and it won’t be long before everyone in Genoa City knows she’s not biologically an Abbott. Ashley’s really a Davis by blood, but what about Graham?

Graham’s father unknown – Abbotts rally around Ash

So, who is Graham? Is there a chance that his biological father is another famous name on Y&R? His mom, Myrna, was from Genoa City and gave birth to Graham before she met Brent Davis. That means another paternity mystery is lurking about Graham’s real parentage. With Myrna alive and tucked in a posh old folks home in Florida, she’s got the answers. Will it be another shocker?

Y&R spoilers for Friday reveal a showdown at the Tower restaurant when the Abbotts unite to kick Graham out and stop him from taking Dina Mergeron (Mara Adams) with him. On Monday, October 16, the Abbotts reassure Ashley that she’s still family to them. On October 18, Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) strategizes on how to get Graham away from Dina.

Who’s the daddy?

There are a couple of famous names in Genoa City that would be interesting choices as Graham’s biological father. It would be brutally ironic if John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) is Graham’s biological father. Perhaps Graham’s mom was involved with John and had his child before she met Brent Davis. All the Abbotts would be horrified to find out Graham is their kin and tied to them by blood.

Y&R spoilers also suggest Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is another candidate to be considered as Graham’s biological father. Graham is young enough to be Victor’s kid, and that would certainly be a stunner. Victor’s running short on sons lately, so inheriting Graham as a secret offspring might be fun. Of course, there are no confirmations yet about Graham’s father.

Will Young and the Restless drop Max Shippee?

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest in June, Max Shippee said he was initially told the role of Graham was an “under five” role, meaning it was for just a handful of episodes. But as of June, he had already featured in 20 episodes, and the latest credits show the soap newbie in 47 episodes, according to the Young and the Restless IMDb page. Marla Adams teased that Max will be sticking around for a while longer — as will she — in a new interview.

Y&R spoilers from TV Insider reveal that Graham sticks around. He leaves Dina collapsed in her hotel room, hangs a “do not disturb” sign on the door, and walks out. She’s found and hospitalized, and then he comes to GC Memorial to say he’s sorry. But remember Graham has her power of attorney, so he can make decisions for her. Depending on what Y&R has planned, there may be a “who’s the daddy” story arc to ferret out Graham’s roots. Check back soon for other Young and the Restless spoilers and news.

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