Who Is Harvey Weinstein, What’s His Net Worth 2017, And Movies

Harvey Weinstein is a producer and film executive based in the United States and is widely known as the co-founder of Miramax, a production and distribution company. He was born on March 19, 1952 in New York, and is presently married to Georgina Chapman. Weinstein has five kids from two marriages.

As for his career, he is a co-chairman of The Weinstein Company, alongside his brother Robert Weinstein. That said, he was recently fired from the aforementioned company following an investigation by the New York Times, which brought to light sexual harassment allegations against him. Some of his accusers include actress Ashley Judd and Emily Nestor, a former employee at his company.

His Career

As for how Harvey Weinstein got into the film business, he and his brother had always wanted to make films and in 1979, they founded Miramax, which was named after their parents Miriam and Max. Their initial capital was reportedly derived from profit obtained from their concert promotion business.

His Net Worth

Harvey Weinstein has a net worth of about $130 million, mainly going by Forbes estimation of his stake at The Weinstein Company. However, hard figures are still hard to come by as the company has gone through tumultuous times in the past decade. Its value has been downgraded on numerous occasions largely because of its unsuccessful investment ventures.

Some of the companies that it has invested in, which have gone under include, ASmallWorld (a social media site) and Halston (fashion brand). The company, however, restructured its mode of doing business in 2009 to primarily focus on producing movies.

To manage its debt, the company is reported to have lent Goldman Sachs and Assured Guaranty Ltd possession of about 200 films to cover $450 million in unpaid credit. In 2013, the company obtained $370 million credit from Union Bank, enabling it to invest in some 22 shows, which included Project Runway, Mob Wives, and Marco Polo.

Movies Produced

Some of the movies that Harvey Weinstein has produced include One Chance (2013), My Week with Marilyn (2011), Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003), Gangs of New York (2002), and Shakespeare in Love (1998).

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