‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: New Clan Perk Levels, Friend Online Status Mode With October Updates

Clash of Clans update time arrived again on October 11. Users logging on to the game found the Clash of Clans update ready for download, with advertisements that there would be some interesting new features to enjoy. A report on the Supercell forums stated that there would be improvements to many different facets of the game. This includes the Builder Bases, Home Villages, weapons, and even a new indicator for users to know when Clanmates are currently online. That last feature has been something players have been asking to see for years.

New level limits for Town Hall 11 troops and buildings will be of particular interest to veterans of the game. Among the newly leveled up features include Level 6 Valkyries, Level 7 Golems, Level 6 Bomb Towers, Level 7 Air Sweepers, and Level 12 Walls. Allowing users with a Town Hall 11 to upgrade their Walls even further could make for some very difficult attacks by opponents. It’s a wrinkle that people who have been playing the game for years will enjoy, as a lot of gamers have already maxed out the Walls on their bases.

There were other improvements within the October 11 Clash of Clans update that didn’t revolve around troop or building improvements as well. Builder Base Friendly Challenges are now a feature for users to enjoy with their Clanmates. This is similar to how Friendly Challenges work with the primary bases, but it opens a new wrinkle within the game. It could also be considered a training ground for people to get even better at using the Builder Base to attack or defend against opponents. Could Builder Base Wars be far behind?

A massive improvement to the social aspect of the game was also introduced in this Clash of Clans update. Called the Online Indicator, the Clan Chat will now display the number of Clanmates currently online. This could make it easier to get ready for a Clan War or for troop donations to take place. An added benefit is that the Friends List is now going to also display which friends are currently online. Through the Friends List, users will be able to watch attacks that their friends make in the game.

That’s not where the October Clash of Clans update comes to an end, though, as Supercell also introduced a few tweaks within the Clans as well. There are now 35v35 and 45v45 Friendly Wars available, as well as additional spectator slots when Clan Wars are taking place. Clans can also set a Builder Base trophy requirement within the settings for users who might want to join. While these are interesting Clash of Clans updates, the most intriguing one could be the Friends List, as users are already enjoying it.

[Featured Image by Markku Ulander/AP Images]