WWE News: AJ Styles Wants The Club To Fight The Shield

This week on Monday Night Raw, The Shield finally made their huge WWE return as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose joined forces to destroy a number of their recent rivals. After taking out The Miz, The Bar, Curtis Axel and Braun Strowman, The Shield proved that they were back and stronger than ever. However, in a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, AJ Styles said he believes he has a team that could dominate The Shield.

The Shield Vs. The Bullet Club

It should come as no surprise that AJ Styles is talking about The Bullet Club – or as the WWE has started calling them, The Club. This wouldn’t work at the moment because ever since Styles moved to SmackDown Live, the WWE has taken Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and turned them into a lower level tag team.

However, when Gallows and Anderson entered the WWE, it was shortly after AJ Styles made his debut and it was an exciting moment as The Bullet Club was officially in the WWE. With their former leader Finn Balor already there, the story wrote itself but the WWE chose to ignore it.

However, the WWE did have AJ Styles work with The Club for a while on Monday Night Raw before moving him to SmackDown Live. Since then, Gallows and Anderson have floated aimlessly in a crowded tag team division.

However, putting The Club back with AJ Styles could make them an immediate threat again. And, with Styles confidence, they could legitimately challenge The Shield, especially since AJ has already had success against Roman Reigns in solo action.

WWE News: AJ Styles Wants The Club To Fight The Shield
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What Is Next For AJ Styles In The WWE?

However, even with AJ Styles mentioning the possibility of The Club dominating the WWE once again, that isn’t coming anytime soon. Instead, AJ has mentioned something else that could be coming up that might be very interesting.

AJ Styles has hinted that he could team with Shane McMahon to battle the reformed best friends Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. There is a good chance that McMahon will want revenge against Owens after their match at Hell in a Cell and he will want revenge against Zayn for interfering in that match.

When this match could happen was also hinted at in the interview. AJ Styles mentioned the possibility of Survivor Series, which takes place in November and that gives SmackDown Live one more pay-per-view to build to the match before that huge WWE event.

“Shane and I have got a lot of respect for each other especially after WrestleMania… I’ve never really liked Kevin Owens and now that Sami Zayn has joined his crew, it doesn’t make me like Sami Zayn anymore. So you never know, it may happen.”

With AJ Styles losing his United States Championship to Baron Corbin and then losing the rematch, it might be a good time to figure out where the Phenomenal One goes next in the WWE.

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