‘The Flash’ Season 4: Allen-West Wedding Bells May Ring Soon Now That A ‘Lighter’ Barry Is Back [Spoiler]

The Flash is back with a brand new season and while the Season 3 Barry was in a pretty dark place, the next episodes will feature a happier version of his character.

Barry was trapped in the Speed Force for six months but in The Flash Season 4 pilot episode, the ever reliable Cisco and Caitlin managed to free him. The two altered the Speed Force Bazooka which ultimately led to Barry’s freedom. To stabilize the Speed Force and prevent it from spewing out chaos, they placed a ball encoded with Barry’s DNA inside.

It looked like they failed at first, but a portal opened unveiling Barry. The Speed Force seemed to have affected his mind with Barry talking in a ridiculous and senseless manner.

The gang didn’t have to think long for a solution because when a villain, also known as a flying samurai, attempted to take Iris, the city’s beloved superhero returned to his speedy state.

The final scene shows Barry and Iris returning to their home. That’s where he revealed that his time in the Speed Force cleansed him. “It’s like everything that was wrong in my life — the pain of my past, my mistakes — it’s all just washed away, and all I see is you and us and our future together. Iris, it’s going to be great,” he said.


The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing told Collider that the Season 4 Barry is “much more akin to the Season 1 Barry” who simply loved his powers.

With Barry returning, does it mean that viewers will soon see Iris choosing her dress or Cisco throwing an epic bachelor’s party for his bestfriend? Todd said that the lovers would “have to work through to get back on track.”

“They have a lot of work to do. It’s not like you can just disappear for six months, after sending out save-the-date cards, and then come back and be like, ‘Let’s go pick out our wedding gifts!’ It’s gonna take some time and some conversations and some emotional work.”

Nonetheless, The Flash fans know now that the Allen-West nuptials will take place in the four-way crossover also featuring other CW’s adored shows: Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Todd claimed that they’re still shooting the episode but he’s confident that they outdid themselves this year in terms of production.

The Flash airs every Tuesday night.

[Featured Image by The CW]