The Most Interesting 16-Year-Old In Sports Journalism — Welcome, Jake Weingarten

Jake Weingarten talked to the Inquisitr about his obstacles and goals he had to achieve to have a name in this industry. For Jake, it was hard gaining respect from a lot of platforms because of his age. However, that didn’t stop him from becoming one step closer to his dream job.

While still in high school, Jake is killing the college recruiting game and taking over on that field. Jake came to talk to the Inquisitr and let everyone know that he deserves the same amount of respect as others.

Even though he’s humbled, Jake is still a competitive sports journalist.

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Jonathan Bates: I finally got hold of you, It’s shocking how much of a hard worker/busy person you are and you’re 16 years old. So, when did you start writing sports?

Jake Weingarten: I started writing about sports two years ago. The first outlet I joined was 518 sports; it was an Albany-based blog. They offered me a spot and I took it. Then I was at Elite Sports NY, which is kinda starting to produce more talent. Kristin Winfield of SB Nation was with me there as well as SB Nation‘s Brandon Estrict.

JB: Who motivated you to take a chance on sports journalism? Following that question, is sports reporting your dream job?

JW: My uncle, Steve Serby, motivated me to become a writer/reporter as well as my dad. Both believed in me and they still do. Sports reporting is definitely a goal of mine, I’d love to do that.

JB: As a 16-year-old, you are in high school, still living with your parents, less movement, how are you able to complete the amount of work you are held accountable to do? Following that question, do people in the sports industry take you as a joke because of your age?

JW: I drive sometimes as well as Uber and other transportation if I have to attend an event. And, yes. Many take me as a joke. Recently I got verified on Twitter and many kept saying “you’re 16 you must’ve paid them.” But at the end of the day, I’m inspired. #ProveThemWrong s/o Morris Udeze.

JB: You wrote for SB Nation for a couple years and ZAGSblogs. How did they reach you?

JW: SB Nation was a year and a huge learning experience. Jake Whitacre was a big mentor; he runs Bullets Forever. Zagsblog, I got referred by a friend. Adam Zagoria was also a huge mentor. He is very cool as well. Great at what he does.

JB: What’s next for you?

JW: Next for me, I need to look at colleges. I start visiting next month. The first school I’ll be looking at is Virginia. I want to cover mainly hoops at whatever college I’ll land. New opportunities always come around though.

JB: What’s something everybody should know about you as a sports journalist?

JW: Everyone should know that when I’m writing I put in the effort. I look around for inspiration. When I choose a format of writing, I look at how some other guys format their writing. I don’t copy them obviously, just mix up all different formats.

JB: You stopped writing for SB Nation. What was the issue?

JW: No issue at SB Nation. I just wanted a bigger and better role. Didn’t wanna be at the bottom of the food chain, wanted to be more involved.

JB: Is it better covering high school, college, or NBA basketball?

JW: All three are awesome. But I enjoy HS/College. Getting to talk to the future stars of the big league is awesome. I go to school with all these teens that watch Ball Is Life, and I’ve seen them watching people that I talk to and they get jealous.

JB: Let’s talk basketball. Which team in the West will give the Warriors the toughest time and why?

JW: Man, those Rockets will really compete with the Warriors. Their offense is outstanding. I’ve always been a fan of the three-ball, and the work they’ve been putting in from deep in the preseason really excites me.

JB: Who’s your Rookie of the Year and MVP this season?

ROY: Jayson Tatum, the kid is the real deal. So good at creating space and scoring the ball. He’s NBA ready; it fits well in Brad Stevens’ system.

MVP: I’d love John Wall to get it, but he doesn’t get the love he deserves. I’ll have to give it to Harden. I think it’s his year.

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