‘Outlander’ Season 3: Did The Bones Joe Have Belong To Claire?

Outlander Season 3 will take a week break this week, before the long-awaited “print shop scene.” However, fans are still hooked on some of the elements from Episode 5, “Freedom and Whiskey.” One particular moment has fans questioning whether Claire’s life will be in danger moving forward.

You couldn’t miss the look on Claire’s face when she picked up the skull from the skeleton that Joe Abernathy showed her. She gasped, almost as if she knew who the bones belonged to. Many fans fear that these are going to be Claire’s bones. How else could she know exactly what had happened to the person? Entertainment Weekly reminds us that while Claire believed the bones were 150-years-old, they happen to be 200-years-old — from around the same time she is about to go back to.

Caution: There are spoilers in this piece from the book series. If you don’t want to know, this is the time to look away.

This isn’t the first time Claire has had a feeling before looking at something in her present day. Back in the Outlander series premiere, Claire had a feeling when walking into the surgery at Castle Leoch. It was like she had been there before. Little did she know at the time that she would become the surgeon in the castle. This would become her prison while viewed as a spy.

Who Did The Bones In 'Outlander' Season 3, Episode 5 Belong To?

So, it’s not all that surprising that the bones will come up again and Claire will be involved in some way. No, the bones are certainly not hers, but she is the one who breaks the neck of her victim. That could be how she knows that this person is murdered.

She also gets the feeling like she knows who the victim is. There are clues in Joe’s words for where the story will take Claire once she ends up back in the past. She is certainly going to sail to Jamaica and find herself in a slave’s cave. The description of the person from the bones is also a clue: it’s a white woman. This is, in fact, the white witch that had been mentioned to Jamie previously.

It’s not Claire, but Geillis Duncan. How did she survive being burned at the stake, and how does she get to the colonies? All that is worth watching as it happens in Outlander Season 3. At least you know that it isn’t going to be Claire who ends up on Joe and Claire’s desk in 1968.

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